Shy girl looking for guild

(Alyce) #1

Hello. Im looking for a guild with some nice people. I want to find a guild in which people can help me do dungeons and raids. I haven’t seen all dungeons or raids yet. I have problems with anxiety so i have done very little. Dungeons and raids scare me, but with friends/guild i trust it’s so much fun. :smiley:
I dont talk on voice, that’s a no no for me. Even listening is hard for me, but i could give it a chance. I can go to any realm/ faction, but i prefer low pop/rp realms. I’m very shy so i want to level a new character in the guild first so i can get to know people, before i move my main and jump into guild events. Is there anyone that can help me find a home?

(Sinaasappel) #2

Ahoy, we’re happy to welcome socials to our community. We’ve a number of people who also prefer not to use voice, so that’s no problem.

:pizza: Casual Pizza Cats wants your deeps! :cat:

Are you either of these two?

  • A committed raider: a dpser who knows her/his class and wants to progress on Mythic, but who also has a life going on.
  • An active social player: someone who wants to join events and clear content together with guildies.

Then we’re the guild for you.

-------------------- FOR RAIDERS 3/9M --------------------

Raids are 8-11.30pm on Wednesday (Party Night) and Sunday (Progress Night);
and at 1pm on Saturdays (Alt/Social).

We have a flexible roster, so you will not be punished for missing a raid. !@#$ happens, we all know it. That said, loyalty is rewarded. We bring solid raid leadership, Spirit Cauldrons, Tables, Codexes, and Vantus Runes. In return, we expect you to bring a good understanding of your class and fight mechanics, and a great attitude.

We are looking for a reliable main tank + dpsers who are excited to progress on Mythic, at a chill pace, with a fun guild. We also welcome healers with a decent dps offspec they are willing to swap to; we don’t have main healing spots.

More info on raiding:

-------------------- FOR SOCIALS & M+ --------------------
Every week you have a shot at the prestigious Casual Pizza Cats Award by winning trivia night, transmog contests, hide and seek, naked foot runs, musical chairs, falling accurately to your death, limerick contests etc.. (For recent awards, check our subreddit!) Monday night is Monday Mayhem! - we run Mythic+ to get everyone their weekly +10. Every Saturday at 1pm is Casual Dog Daycare - our Normal alt/social raid. Once a month, during the Street Fight, we do an achievement run or clear any kind of special content together (e.g. Timewalking Black Temple). Finally, we have a bunch of altoholics, and if we’re really tired of life, we might even fish together.

All members are 18+ and mostly students/working, and so the guild (Discord) is most active in the evenings. We are all pretty chill people, and we like to keep it that way. We don’t tolerate drama or immature behavior.

We do not recruit the character. We recruit the person behind the character.


  • we log all our raids and are happy to help you with your log
  • we stream all our raids over at
  • we have our own little guild economy: buying (war packages) cheaper off guild bank than AH
  • we hang out on Discord:
  • our subreddit has more info:


One of our recruiters will get in touch with you afterwards!


Hello Alyce,

Left Hand Path - Thunderhorn EU, is a 12 year old guild with a strong social side.
While not being a hardcore raiding guild we still progress at a steady pace, but most of all we try to have as much fun as we can while playing.

We have raids on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 20:00ST to 23:00ST
Aside from raiding we also try to do other things like arena’s, M+ and other activities.

If you’re interested in joining feel free to poke Seraphiell#4484 (discord) or Kratos#2492 (ingame)


(Xari) #4

Hi Alyce

I’m from the guild Remnants of Valhalla, situated on the server Dragonmaw, Horde. We are a casual raiding / social guild. Our focus is to have a nice time playing wow. We do this with our raiding team but we have a lot of room for other things aswell: regular m+ runs, doing the weekly events as a group of friends, doing Tmog or mount runs in old raids, achi runs,… pretty much everything wow has to give (maybe a tad less of PvP, we are PvE’ers mostly ^^)

Outside of wow, we stay in touch over our Discord server, you will also see our guildies playing other games together (fx: Diablo, Playerunknown’s battkegrounds, HotS,…). We are a pretty tight-knit community, open for likeminded players. Shy players aren’t new for us either and I’m happy to say that a lot of our guildies have overcome their shyness and are happily chatting with the new friends they made :slight_smile: We completely understand it if you wanna get to know us a bit first before transferring a main, you should take all the time you need to become comfortable!

For all other basic information about our guild, feel free to take a look at our guild video:

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, feel free to add my Btag for a little chat (xarial#2863).



(Aldru) #5

Hey Alyce :wave:
If you don’t mind going blue, my guild cooperates with a community for people like you :slight_smile:
I’ll leave our main thread for you to take a look and otherwise I wish you the very best in finding the perfect guild :smile:


Hello Alyce! I would be very keen to have a chat! Add me on Battle tag Luctish#1984

Please read our recruitment post below and hope to speak to you soon! :smiley:

Solar Noctis (Frostwhisper/Zenedar/Bladefist) is a casual raiding guild, we are seeking active members to rebuild our raiding team . We are currently looking for a DPS with a tank OS and healers for our current raid nights. To date we have cleared 8/8 HC and 6/9HC.

We are an English-speaking guild who strive to create a friendly, helpful community.

We want to clear content at our own pace. So if you are looking for a guild that intends to push heroic/mythic on week one this isn’t it.

We understand that people have families, jobs and other commitments outside of the game and therefore we are not in the business of demanding players to “be on at a certain time or else” - that goes against the relaxed and social environment we aim to create.

That being said our raid times will be

Wednesday 20:00- 23:00

Sunday 20:00 - 23:00

We also have a night for multiple M+ groups to complete keystones for the week, at many different levels. However it never stops us doing more throughout the week :slight_smile: .

So if you are looking for a relaxed and friendly place to raid or just hang out or if you’d like more information contact our guildmasters!

Luctish (Luctish#1984)

Gormac (Garaidh#21616)

Lossee (Lossee#2651)


Hi. If you’d be up for starting an Ally char, who cares on Hellfire might be a cosy home for you. We’re really small, and not interested in inviting ‘just anybody’ for numbers. We have a few really nice, relaxed people, just getting to know each other and have some chill fun, levelling a bunch of new toons together (around lvl 20 atm). We have higher level chars around too, and a mix of experience in game.
Feel free to add me - Mumm#2233 - and say hello if you’re interested, anytime :slight_smile:



You sound like the sort of person we would be happy to ‘adopt’! I am Guild Master of Battle Scars, based on Twisting Nether. We’ve existed since 2017 (Nighthold progress) and have had a steady first wing Mythic progress until BfA.

Several people decided to take a break, so we’re attempting to revive our roster to get back to good old days and progress some more again without needing to pug. We’re a great, chill community with all kinds of people. We do M+ together on off-days often, do old transmog runs… anything, as long as we’re having fun.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, we would be happy to have you and any of your friends if they want. :slight_smile:

It is absolutely fine for me if you’re not comfortable enough (yet) to talk on Discord. Some fights will require for you to listen to call-outs (Mekkatorque), but otherwise, I would be happy to let you take things at a pace that you’re comfortable with. I’m constantly available, myself, through Discord, even when I’m not in-game and have a few lovely Officers who would be happy to help you with things and explain what needs to be explained in a calm and easy-going manner.

Battlenet: Joséphine#2827
Discord: Jo (Joséphines)#7387

P.S. I main a Warrior myself. :wink: