Siege of Orgrimmar LFR

> Choose the option “Tell me of the war that came to the Gates of Retribution” and you will be “queued” for a raid finder. It will pop almost instantly and you will deposited in the raid instance, on raid finder difficulty on your own.

I have done the above and entered the raid, however I am at the first boss Galakras and the NPC to start the encounter doesn’t spawn. Is this a bug? Have logged out and back in and nothing. I can’t proceed :frowning:

Which NPC to start which bit of the encounter, exactly? That encounter is a pain, there are so many steps. Get Jaina to TP you. Clear the beach. Start the waves of attacks. Kill the waves while protecing the gnomes. Climb the towers to use the cannon. Knock down the boss. Finally kill the boss.

Where in that sequence are you and what do you expect to happen that’s not happening?

Have you gone to the left and killed all mobs, and destroyed all the canons by clicking the bombs near them? I can’t remember if you have to talk to Jaina or someone after that but even missing one canon will prevent progression!

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