[Silvermoon - A] <Waggish Students> Deaf Guild for Deaf, HoH & CODA players

We are Waggish Students !

We are a guild for the Deaf, HoH & CODA alliance players on Silvermoon server and We are recruiting. We have also created a community for the players across the servers that want to play with fellow deaf, HoH & CODA players!

We are doing M+ runs and is hoping to create a raid team in the near future.

You can find us in the community. Link below!

Community: Waggish Students Guild
Faction: Alliance
Server: Silvermoon
Language: English including Sign Language
Community Link: [https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/pONgBYIAAO]
Notes: We welcome all players who are Deaf, HoH & CODA.

Happy Gaming!