Simple and great fixes to PvP


I have great ideas how to drastically improve PvP and make PvP community more happy:)

1.One queue for all levels and both factions to reduce waiting times. Introduction of cross faction and cross level PvP teams would be a good step forward. All chars low level and max 120 level should play in same battle grounds and arenas, drastically reducing waiting times in queue. If one faction have more players just make crossfaction teams. If Blizzard do that we will have instant queues at any level.

2 Stats and skill normalisation in PvP. It is very good to scale character levels to max 120 when starting PvP, that means any low level char enetering PvP unlocks all 120 level abilities and can play with 120 level chars on equal basis. So that way we can put every one in one queue. Stats should be normalised too to predefined templates values ignoring any gear, azerite traits and levels, giving every player equal chances. The only difference between different characters of same spec should their’s build made by selection of specific abilities and pvp talents.

  1. Enable rated pvp for all levels. Once you create a toon you can enter any pvp activity and your lvl1 char will be upscaled to level 120 there.

4.Even the idea is to remove gear impact on pvp completly to favour skill over gear we still need great rewards for PvP to encourage people playing it. PvP vendors are welcomed with all gear exists in game available for honor points, for high end gear pvp rating should be required.

3 Increase exp gained from arena, so people can level theirs characters not only in BG but also by playing rated arenas.

4 Improve LFG to show current rating and experience in all brackets instead of item level.

  1. increse rewards for playing healers in arena to reduce the lack of healers in arena.

This is the way to go to make WOW the true esport:)

(Vulrin) #2

But I want my gear to matter when I PVP its part of the MMORPG experience
I want to feel the difference in gear even if its slightly when versing lower experienced players who play casually hence having less gear, same applies for higher rated players with mythic gear etc.*

But I want gear to impact the game so my character has more freedom of choice in terms of traits, stats and trinkets to impact my build

Exp sure thats fine
Scaling to 120 is silly and only really works with fully fledged templates like in GW2 (dead game btw)
Healing in mists wasn’t a problem for the most part as classes had alot of depth to well…their class, just need to un-prune classes instead of buffing healer rewards tbh.


Yes i started playing Gw recently:) I have a lot of fun. 0 grind. Can create a char and ready to go into pvp, no need to level, no need to grind anything.

I do not agree about state of GW2. Game is doing great, waiting times in pvp are almost instant at prime time and no more than 2 min in early morning.


Only fix needed in pvp is buff damage, you should be dead in 3 - 4 spells/abilities and not this cast ability and see nothing moves on the hp bar.

(Lightness) #5

Yes ,buff the dmg. Becouse mongo dps cannot one shot. This is not the game for you pal. Try CS:GO or Overwatch and score headshots with sniper/widowmaker.


You’re doing something wrong in that case, something that can’t be helped even with soloq

(Bloodlock) #7

Those were by far the worst ideas i have ever read.


Enjoy waiting 15 minutes for random BG as horde. Enjoy grinding island expeditions and repeatable quests for azerite levels and warfronts with mythic pve just to be competetive in PvP.
I am done with current system. If Blizzard cannot deliver game model where you can play arena and Bg only and be competetive without any Pve activity with fast queues when this game is not for me.
Even at private wow servers where way less people play waiting queues are much faster.

Stat normalisation, level upscale, pvp vendors and cross faction pvp is a must!!!


Love the ideas!.. Everything except same stat templates- believe there should be some form of choice. Perhaps all pvp gear earned could have only gem slot which we could then fill to improve play style from secondary stats? ie pref haste build to get quick casts out, or mastery build for clutch heals etc

Otherwise love the idea of short que times and pvp being based on skill, would also be easier to balance also I would imagine.


It would be nice to have an option to customise stats on pvp template from user interface, there player has limited amount of points he or she can spend on stats by choice, setting haste, mastery or other stats from interface rather than grinding gear and hope to get it with specific stats.

The system we have now works fine in PVE, but in pvp we need different, to get players equall chances without giving handicap by gear or how much pve grind they did. I like the system they have in GW2 with tons of different customisable builds where players have full control on it and not forced for any grind.

The main problem - Blizz do not care about pvp at all. They just want everyone play world quests and be happy:(

(Deepoxysbabe) #11
  1. Revert the game back to 5.4.8, S15 so we can enjoy a content which is worth its money

(Mmorpg) #12

Just wait until patch 8.2, everything will be fixed.

(Nuvic) #13

Buff feral please

(Cutîepie) #14

you leaving the forums would at least make me happy

(Dódgéchárgér) #15

you are such a cute gnome ^^

(Stormenson) #16

Its fine to write in forums your opinion about something, nothing wrong with it.
But believing you can help the entire game to become the true esport with your great ideas is just to much.
This is a blizzard succesful game 12 years now without your help.
Play what they offer or leave the game. Stop having the illusion you are good enough to improve this game.

(Dameg) #17

10/10 troll

(Deepoxysbabe) #18

Why do you assume I’m a troll ?

You are playing this joke of a game (pvp wise) not me :slight_smile:

(Bloodlock) #19

I don’t do random bgs anymore and never have i specifically farmed azerite power. I am enjoying things right now actually.


Vulrin but you play pvp casually. You don’t play any arenas and I’m sure that he was talking about arenas. I don’t think you have anything against making gear difference irrelevant in arenas.