<Simplify> Twisting Nether [H] Recruiting for Shadowlands!


Please send an application even if we’re not actively recruiting your class.
We’re always looking for exceptional players.

To apply please head to our Discord.


Raiding Schedule
Wednesday, Thursday and Monday | 20:15 - 23:15
An optional alt run will be planned in the future, most likely on Sunday.

Who we are
Simplify is a newly formed guild with one clear goal, Cutting Edge. The guild has been building since towards the end of 8.3, recruiting players with the same goal as the leadership. We have returning players that decided to get back into serious semi-hardcore raiding with the addition of a few new peoples that showed some very good potential . We offer a progression hardend group of officers with alot of experience in hardcore raiding.

What do we expect from you?
★ Participation in Discord channels for strategy and tactics.
★ Active communication over voice during raids.
★ Near 100% attendance
★ Having a flexible attitude towards playing an off-spec or being benched.

What can you expect from us?
★ Strong and transparent leadership and a solid progress oriented raiding experience.
★ The opportunity to clear content at a steady and satisfying rate.
★ Fair distribution of gear through RCLootCouncil and personally maintained BiS lists.
★ A welcoming community where we all strive to learn from each other.
★ If you are looking for a place to push those M+ keys, this is the place. We run keys every day.

We’d love to hear from you!
If you’re at all interested in our guild or want to contact us about something else feel free to reach out via Discord

Recruitment - Luscifer#3319

GM - Pepperoami#7307

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Might apply.

Spots are starting to fill up, but still recruiting most classes and specs

Healing team is almost full. We are currently in the search for ranged dps, and a warrior

We are now full on melee, but we still have ranged spots, and would love to come in contact with some ranged players out there. If you are looking for a mythic minded CE guild for shadowlands, send me a dm :slight_smile:

Honestly the best guild on the planet! Get in here!

Recruitment is almost done! Just need a few ranged to join us, and maybe a healer! Go Go!

Looking for healers and RDPS.

Still looking to fill those last healing and rdps spots. Contact me today, so you can be a part of our growing community tomorrow :slight_smile:

Spots still open for range master-blasters!

Pushing this up, due to a total edit of the post.

Still looking :slight_smile:

we are still looking for fresh blood. \m/

Updated with a newly added requirement: Maintaining a second main.

Updated application form and requirements. Still looking tho :slight_smile:

Still on the lookout for good players :slight_smile:

Updated with new recruitment process.

Just going to smash this right back up, as we are still looking to recruit players for shadowlands and beyond.

Bringing this back to the top. We are always looking to recruit good players