<Singularity>, 2/8M, is LF a BDK and RDD/Healer Flex

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<Singularity> is looking for an experienced Blood DK and Ranged DD/Healer flex for our Mythic progression raid core!

>We raid on Wednesdays and Mondays.
>Raid are 20:15 ST to 23:30.
>We are a friendly bunch.

We are also looking for active, social players to join our Guild.

- We enjoy doing M+ and achievements!
- We have a raid core raiding Mythic Uldir twice a week.
- We have a Heroic off-raid on Sundays.

If you are interested, please contact one of the following Officers in-game:

Thank you!

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Upcoming trial raid schedule added.

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B, LF raiders!

(Protmetheus) #5
Hello, still recruiting? still need healers?

(Stormedgé) #6
Hello! Im 8/8 hc looking for friendly and social guild to raid and most important have fun with. My old guild went inactive so im looking for new home. Il whisp u in game tonight after i come from work. Add my btag please Hydro#2667

(Morpurgo) #7
Looking for Blood Deathknight and Arms Warrior