Situations about rogues is kinda out of hand :P

if you save trinket you die, if you trinket you die, its a no win situation in that way right now

seems like if you intend to hold your trinket they still have 2-3 shadow dances , can reduce cd on shadow dance and echoing reprimand right now can crit for 150k or more,

the toolkid of ccing and having double vanish and self healing being able to dictate any fight and win it with very little effort and your being punished no matter how you play vs them feels kinda bad right now, a class with this much CC and utility should not have the damage to kill you if you save a trinket ,

you pre wall, he vanishes and redo in no time, there is just no way any situations can come out here where your usually on top , its not a skill issue here, or am i wrong, if i am id love to hear how you counter this,

you see shadow dance/ echoing and you trinket, but you die still, if you do NOT die he vanishes and re do it with just shadow dance again and you still die 18 seconds later because he doesnt NEED echoing to kill you,


You obviously need to just rotate trinkets and cds with teammates properly. And 1 of these 3 specs is probably only A+ tier instead of S tier so rogues needs buffs. Also rogues are bad outside of rmp anyway.

i see so if my team mate insta die within a shadow duel or in the opener because he either didnt trinket or got overwhelmed? , :slight_smile: lets say im SAPPED and he dies within the kidney because i didnt help him, it its not about rotating trinkets only, a class who can cc a target for 15 seconds with 1 button should not be able to kill his team mate within just a 3 second stun , forcing you to trinket the SAP ? its about being able to trust your team mate to survive so you can peel for him after,

the damage of a spec thats supposed to be the king of CC , setups and resets should not be able to kill alone without support from his team mate or with every major cd up , which being a trade of going all in for a kill and forcing defensives, but it doenst matter if he goes all in or not, he simply has 2-3 shadow dances anyway, so he can spend 1 and it wouldnt affect his second opener at all after he vanishes and then re vanishes AGAIN.

and you have NO idea what your talking about :slight_smile: its okay go play some skirmishes and 3v3 games right now instead and learn for your self, even if you say you have, its clear your not able to speak the truth here, he DOESNT need a mage to kill, he can do it alone, and with any class in the game, not needing his team mate to do setups for him and bursting with him, hes a solo class able to 1v1 while the other is cced in 2v2, and 3v3

just line the rog


just line the rogue XD ahahah, that has to be the most fun thing i have actually heard in a long time, your funny, like comedy fun, you dont LINE the rogue, the rogue lines you and restealth, god damn XD

thank you, youre welcome otherwise you can just try to kick the rog on eviscerate


XD oh god didnt know i could do that, ill do it and get rank 1 now :open_mouth:

nice bro get this rank 1 to show all the ppl didnt know to line and kick eviscerate

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ill be spamming the forum about my triumph that i disarmed the mage as well! and trinket the charge

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ngl i got dissarmed many times as a resto sham xd

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that is just sad XD

the sad part about it is that the warr skilled dissarm while i played resto shaman frostmage and it was way above 2,2k back then xD

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Shadowlands was a free glad for no buttons no skill war class.
And with the amount of buffs warriors are getting they are already borderline S tier class in DF (Source: Raiku, Mud).
Oh god forbid something kills a mighty war, goes to forums to cry :rofl:
And ye I’m not a rogue player nor do I like rogues but holyS wars have no right to complain about anything period.

Rogue damage and self healing are absolutely busted even with the upcoming ER nerf.

Shadowblades for sure need a nerf as well.

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they have shadow blade, shadow dance, and echoing to deal damage that is higher than the class should be allowed to deal with its allready huge toolkit, they have everything in the game and is not lacking ANYTHING

Wtf man i thought the sarcasm was obbious enough.

As far as i understand he plays evoker.

But i think rogues are susposed to drop evoker. Its a glass cannon, ze rogues speciality.

yeah i swapped from warriors to evoker, and im seeing more and more issues sadly,

the most obvious is that now that people have FULL gear, our ‘‘one shot’’ doesnt even phase ppl, not even getting them to more than 50% hp, and then after that you dont have much ways to survive outside a few heals that is really really relying on your team mate to help you while you try to setup for the finish, the 30% nerf is gonna hit hard on evokers now that full gear on everyone allready doesnt do enough damage

Well tbh the discord did continously say on beta evoker was bad in pvp :stuck_out_tongue: peoppe of course forget how much highrr ilevel people in pvp were then actual release.

Its nerf to inital fire breathe will remove any one shot.

I’d bet they’re probably also including the tier sets in their tunings by now, since it wouldn’t make much sense to nerf something only to need to buff it again soon after (although there are precedents of that happening in the past, unfortunately).
I think they were testing it with tier sets in the beta iirc.

Gonna be fun to see the complaints about no enchant illusion and no tier set for the first 2 months of the season. (The time people get their first tier set bonus is either 7 or 8 weeks into the season, if they don’t get lucky in the vault or raid before then.)