Skullcrusher 380 ele shaman


Hello, I am a elemental shaman playing on Skullcrusher and I am looking for a guild to do mythic + dungeons and normal to heroic raids.
I have a irregular working time so I am fine with being a backup to raids etc. I know that’s part of the game. Normally a good guy just don’t be a dick and I wont be a prick… :wink:
Tuesdays are best for me to raid normally and other days are as they are :sunny:


Hi Jarðhristir!

I’m from the guild “Hakuna Matata” on Argent Dawn. We’re a social raiding guild and we’ve just started our heroic raid progress. We’re all about having fun with friends and if you’re willing to switch over to Alliance we’d love to have you join us for the ride.

I’m unable to post links, but if you’re open to a server and faction transfer feel free to add me (Sean#2617) for a little chat! If not, best of luck with your search for a guild :slight_smile:


Hi There.

Please add me ingame Sala#2895, and let us have a chat.



Sorry not on this character, I have a priest I am leveling up, mainly to experience the storyline on Kul Tiras but if I fall in love with it and decide to main it for the rest of the expansion I’ll definetly give you a call, specially since you are called Hakuna Matata, my motto in life.



++(H)Lást Rites - Late night raid guild - Kazzak++

Lást Rites is a guild with focus on pve endgame in our own time, but mythic+ and arenas are also often run by the members on daily basis
as we are a community of friends/family/gamers first who play the game for fun!.

We raid on a very family friendly schedule:

Wednesday - 22.00 - 00.30 Cet
Thursday- 22.00 - 00.30 Cet
Tuesday. optional Alt/Nm/Hc - 22.00 - 00.30 Cet

++As of right now our progress is:++

Normal BOD 9/9
Heroic BOD 6/9
Mythic BOD 1/9

Normal Uldir 8/8
Heroic Uldir 8/8
Mythic Uldir 2/8

We are now recruiting to fill up our roster for our Heroic team, and to begin planing our Mythic Team Once More!. Therefore we need you!

Tank - Closed

Melee - Dk - WW Monk -Rogue

Ranged -Warlock - Shadow Priest - Boomkin - Shammy - Mage

Healer - Resto Shamon- Resto Druid - Priest

If accepted into the guild, your trial period will last 3 weeks (6 raids) so that both you and the guild can feel if we are a good match.

++About Lást Rites:++

Most of our founders have played and run guilds since Vanilla, raiding in guilds like:
Last Watch - Aquamarines and Elitist Gaming. When Draenor hit most of us had enough of the elite hardcore raiding,
because we shared the same vision - That the game should not control us,it should be played around us and members real life
that is how this guild started out on Doomhammer/Turalyon (Ally) for about 14 years ago.
At the end of Legion the core group moved to Kazzak (Horde) with their vision, and Lást Rite was born!

We value or community very highly, and therefore you will in your trial period also be evaluated not only on skills,
but also how you fit into the group. We want to progress through the endgame at a decent pace,
while we have a lot of fun and laughs along the way!
That dosen´t mean we don’t take our raiding seriously,
but we do feel that a big part of the wow community and raiding scene is in a very toxic state.
And that is not how we want to experience the game we all love or love to hate :slight_smile:
We want to be a Guild/Team/Community whom enjoy playing together as friends!

If this seems interesting for you to be a part of, don’t hesitate to contact us in game or on discord:

ShaunStewart#2220 - Guild Master/Raid Leader/Community Manager.
Ampal0s#2193 - Raid Leader/Council/Community
Windy86#2593 - Recruitment/Council.
Deckhead#2482 - Guild Assist/Recruiment/Council.
Hope to see you in game!.

Kind Regards, Last Rites Team


Hey Bacchlol
Your guild seems amazing, Just that your server is always full and I am not prepared to pay for moving when im not sure if its for me.
I’d sign uo withing minutes if you where on my servers but sadly not. Im not prepared to move unless somethings perfect lands in my lap.
Best of luck!

(Bacchanalian) #9

Oh that’s a shame might say full bits not that bad