Skybreaker and Orgrim's Hammer = Empty

These has airships has been empty on several servers. for several days now. What’s going on?

Hey Xacofirst,

This is indeed a known issue, and should be fixed during the next realm restarts.

Thank you for your patience. :pray:

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When it’s a known issue, please, make an anouncement somewhere so we don’t lose time to find something impossible?

Is it somehow possible that you make an “known issues page” so when we are in a bad position, as player we can directly check somewhere instead of searching on google or deal with a AI as proximity customer service?

These WERE fixed, as I was able to interact with these earlier today, HOWEVER! Now they are completely buggy again. I can’t tell if they are missing npc’s or not, as they are now constantly jump-lagging to other positions, making it completely impossible to catch up to them. They continue to do this, as i’ve been testing this for minutes on end. They would just jump to a different location on their scheduled route…

On the same topic, I did experience similiar behind to some mobs in Icecrown, as they would not be able to be hit by abilities such as; Backstab, Ambush as such abilities that requires a sudden positionional placement, as the mobs were not technically at the position, that they were shown to be. These mobs would also jump-lag and change position after 1-3 seconds of fighting them.

Some mobs in Icecrown also had a different issue, where I would be able to dps them to 100% hp to 0% hp and they would still be alive, hitting me and I would still be hitting them. Usually lasted a few seconds and they would then drop to the ground. These mobs are not anyones that has special abilities or anything like that, as i’ve now done them a million times on all my toons.