Slay Monstrosities in Torghast’s Twisting Corridors

It’s almost as if streamers (the lucky few who get to test such things and give feedback) don’t know what the vast majority of the playerbase wants.

Strange. :thinking:

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It’s terrifying. Eveything is available now - we aren’t going to get anything new for a long time and here we are. Bad loot systems, Torghast being meh, covenant campaigns severely underwhelming and legendaries being so out of balance that there’s really no point in getting more than 2.

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Twisting Corridors Hunter Feedback (attempted as MM, ilvl ~215).

The first 5 layers were barely a challenge. From ~floor 13 onwards of each layer incoming pet damage began to be noticeable, but not a major concern. Little bit of CC here, little bit there and trash packs were fine. Bosses up to this stage were trivial.

And then came Layer 6, specifically floor 18 of layer 6. Up to that point nothing was especially worry some. As I mentioned: CC here, CC there, sensible pulls and it was fine.

But the Layer 6, Floor 18 boss - Warden Skoldus - was a different kettle of fish. After about 30seconds or so of combat, he simply began 1-banging my pet. I was dispelling the Boss’ enrage ASAP and kicking the (pretty fast) Rats cast when my kick was available. I was keeping mend pet up as close to 100% of the time as makes no difference, cycling thru Exhilaration (full pet heal) and Scale Shield (my pet’s DR ability) to no avail.

I’d taken a combination of single-target anima powers and HP/DR/survivability powers, including ones where victims of traps deal less damage and the target of my misdirection (my pet) took reduced damage.

After short order it just became a game of finding a moment (well, 4 seconds…grumble, grumble) to rez my pet which generally involved kiting the boss until his Charge ability and then casting the res immediately afterwards. Incidentally, the boss killed me multiple times thru my Aspect of the Turtle.

Essentially, I had no way of keeping my pet alive. Perhaps anima powers related to Mend Pet effectiveness should be considered? Also, an anima power similar to the old Glyph of Misdirection wherein my MD’s cooldown would be reset if I cast if on my pet. Perhaps something to reduce the CD of my pets DR ability, or a Heart of the Phoenix type anima power?

I will attempt again over the weekend as BM to see if that makes a difference, but I can’t see how it would change things.

General Feedback – the tile sets became monotonous very quickly, the difficulty distribution doesn’t seem quite right (see above). It went from being very easy to as good as impossible in the space of one floor. There are a lot of very dull (but functional) anima powers – x% secondary stat, x% ability damage. There seems to be a conflation between quantity of powers and quality of powers which is false. This was the case with Azerite powers in BFA, and imo, of legendaries in Shadowlands. Because there are so many of them doesn’t make them interesting.

as far as i know, you have a max on each ability. so at one point you have ran out of abilities and the game resorts to stat upgrades.

torghast is just lacking the pool of abilities it needs to make it exciting and fun imo.

i just finished solo layer 8

i took me 2.5h but it was quite fun, I had 192% haste and was spamming hammer and verdict. I had no problem with last boss, had 100 anima power - I took hp buff anima, so I had like 220 k hp so I could survive boss dmg.

For sure some classes can make it easier - some harder. I hope Blizz will add more layers in the future and pls don;t nerf it

I think the rewards for so much time in torghast are rubbish, I got to floor 36 then the boss one hit me, which didn’t bother me it was fun and challenging but no rewards it doesn’t need to be gear but something anything lol. First reward at 36 sucks to be honest.

did all 8 layers. most boring content i’ve done. would rather farm the insane title again.


I got to floor 9 before switching off my computer and reading a book became so tempting that I actually did that, off topic but interesting, The Pre Columbian Amazon is a really interesting topic.

It seems like they’re running dry on ideas on Torghast at this point. They’ve pretty much run dry on the “plot armour” that they use to funnel people into Torghast so they try to entice people into Torghast by promising a mount.

It’s just that Twisting Corridors came too late, people have already caught up on how much of a terrible idea the Maw is. The rewards isn’t enough, and having to do 144 floors - each taking between 1-4 hours depending on your luck - for a mount simply isn’t worth it.

Admit your mistakes Blizzard, remove the freaking no-mount bull from the Maw and add some proper rewards to Twisting Corridors. And while you’re at it, shave of 10 floors from each layer, 18 floors taking anywhere from 2-4 hours to do (or more if you’re unlucky) is just utter bull.

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Ahahahaha. I managed to do it but I’m never setting foot there again. I still can’t even look at normal Torghast for ash I’m like nooooo I’m on cooldown.

I miss BfA visions so much, it was usefull for sockets and corruptions at least and pretty fun beating 5 masks for first time, felt like Hero… But this? Hate Torghast since day one, boring, depressive, some situtations are pretty unbalanced and so fun killing… Same with Raid, for example Ethernal Palace was something amazing for eyes and ears but this Castle crap? Sorry, just my opinion :slight_smile:

Blizzard: “Successfully completing a key Layer will grant you an achievement along with a reward worthy of the most powerful adventurers”.
gives me a pet and a toy
Me: Am I a joke to u?

4 rewards for 8 layers.

I don’t mind that you designed this to be a once done deal thing, but at least you could have made it 8 rewards. one per layer.

this was just sad… It felt like 4 layers were a waste of time.

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Around 20 hours of game play in there failed 5 times at layer 8, 2 times at floor 17.

Was hard earned but I just did it!

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Revert Death Strike nerf already.


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Thank you :grin: I’m having a victory drink aha. Cheers :beers:

I like the idea of a special area of Thorgast to unlock some rewards but:
A) The rewards are kinda miserable considering the amount of time you need to invest.
B) 18 floors is an overkill, 12 would have sufficed. The last 6 layers do not even add more difficulty because of all the powers you get, it is just insane killing and grinding.

sincerely im preferring “The Boundless Sea: A Human History of the Oceans” by David Abulafia. After 10 floors is perfect

Btz: Gz Erney!


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