Slip into the Turbulent Timeways

Slip into the Turbulent Timeways

Beginning the week of 27 September, Timewalk through a previous expansion each week for five consecutive weeks. This grand tour through World of Warcraft’s past will start with Cataclysm and end with Wrath of the Lich King.

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Also, for a limited time, the Timewalking quest in Valdrakken from Kazra will offer an increased reward—a Heroic level Cache of Vault Treasures with items level 428-437. The reward upgrade is only available for this special Timewalking event. After Turbulent Timewalking has run its course, the reward returns to ilvl 415 Cache of Vault Treasures .

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Great catchup for alts… :slight_smile:

Can you actually put some new items to spend Timewalking Badges on please. Or maybe even get around to the long over due BFA Timewalking.

I have over 30000 badges to spend. And have pretty much bought everything I need. Even starting to run out of Reps.


I guess I can postpone my Quickbooks certification…

But it seems to only be available to 60+ ? Can’t do TW on my 50+ Mage… :expressionless:

Perma change would be great for alts

time to ask my guild leader buddy if hes up for the weekly 5 dungeons i guess
tho this time only this paladin is lvl 70 should be fine
maybe get my arms warrior from 65 to 70
think you should be able to queue alts that are in DF levels(60-69 etc)

I admire your dedication!

Can I complete this 5 week event, on different characters each week or does it have to be the same character, for 5 consecutive weeks?

I got a gun today. :+1:t4:

Won’t be able to upgrade it though since I’ll need Aspect crests which are impossible to get for me. Season 3 will hopefully be different in that regard with the upscaling of crests.

It would be neat if instead of the box with the item, you could pick an Aspect crest as a reward for the Timewalking weekly.


Just acquired through playing.

This spreadsheet is quite good for showing the upgrade tracks

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Ingame it said I had to either ‘kill mythic raid bosses’ or ‘do M+ 16’.
Neither of those things is ever going to happen for me. :sweat_smile:

Like I said: The next season seems to be making a change regarding this, so then it would be attainable - through a lot of work, but still attainable. Right now in this season, for a player like myself these Turbulent Timeways rewards are not any better than Champion gear because we can never get them beyond that same ilvl.

So I’m unsure who these rewards are for exactly.
Mythic raiders and people who run M+16’s probably don’t need any of this stuff. :thinking:

I haven’t really looked into the details of trading up crests. Just that it’s coming.

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