So any plans on fixing Resto Shamans


2v2 is horrible as resto shaman.Does any1 know if they will fix it or just let a class that is so bad that no1 plays it just like it is.

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To be honest we dont want a 2nd God like RDruids atm.

Do you have any Idea how to Buff RShaman in 2s that dont screws 3s ?

Not to mention that stupid Grounding design currently for the class as a whole ?

Also the over all cencus pretty much is healers are too strong and its better to tune them down to the same kevel than to rise them to the same level.

We already reach 60 to almost 80% dampening in 3s.


enjoy rsham with a bonus -50% manareg


They have to do something about arena right now in general. My main class (Hunter) is exactly the other way around; pretty decent in 2’s but absolutely horrid in the current meta for 3’s.


I read the title and was going to ask what kind of nerfs do you want to see to ghost wolf and its traits/talents.


“Sublety pops up”

“Oh sh**”

/cast vanish

-Some bug occurs, removing my stealth-


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