So has there been any reason

Why reputations arent accound bound?


Would be lovely if they were.


Imagine the amounts of alts I would have. :heart_eyes:

I feel like it has been discussed and that we all agree it would be better for the game if the reps were acc bound but the main reason nobody listens or wants to understand is blizz has done this on purpose to timegate players thinking if we had account wide rep we would play less but as it shows they were wrong.

Many of us want it i know i would make 30 alts if they added it.

And they been wrong before when they said you think you do but you dont line.

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Account-wide rep would break the RP element of the game. Each alt is supposed to be their own self. Take away too much of that, and you end up with what is essentially a single character with different skins and different names that’s able to just swap class whenever. We already have many catch-ups with story skips, rep acceleration, account wide tier currency, catch-up gear already in 10.0.x. That is enough.

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More importantly why when they make stuff account wide do they not let players have the option to switch this off. I would so love not to have account wide items on any of my characters so that I can actually enjoy the game with a fresh, new unique character that builds their own skills, attributes, collections, mounts etc. So yes have what ever you like to dilute your game but don’t impose it on those that don’t want it. So give the option to switch account wide ‘OFF’.

Blizzard still feel it’s a per character kind of affair, many players prefer the approach in other games where you achieve things on an account level. Some things have become account wide but not enough for me.

I personally prefer the account wide approach because whilst I am happy to endure a grind on my main, there is no way I’m repeating that on alts.

Ofc there are those that prefer the per character approach and players should always have an option to approach things per character (should Blizz ever to decide to go account wide).


Different folks, different strokes.
I prefer non-account reps with catchup just like it is now. Why have alt if nothing to do with it?

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Well at least when it comes to flying and other important necessities that at least stays account wide.

Ugh i feel you there it feels like a chore if i have to do it all over again on my alts.

True some ppl like one per character gives them something to do but personally i would still love account wide.

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Two reasons.

  1. Opposing Factions, Aldors vs Scryers, Frenzyheart vs Oracles and a couple of others.
  2. Some players like to play alts completely separately.

I think there are solutions that would work for both these reasons. Such as:
Commendation letters that cost 1,000g (or more) that make you Revered or Exalted with a faction that can be bought when your main is already exalted.
Just make everything unlocked (including Quartermaster vendor items and recipes) Account Bound.

I am not a fan of the Renown system in DF. It has pretty much prevented me from playing alts as I must pretty much play everything on my main simply to earn the Renown. I’m around 16 with Valdrakken and 14 with a coupld of others, so I’m quite a ways from 30 on any of them. Not sure I’ll do any renown with alts, meaning any professions will not get some recipes but meh.

I’d play more if all my progress was account wide rather than character wide.
Make just ANYTHING (except stat-upgrade gear) I obtain account wide and I would actually play my alts more…

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You play mmo or atlest you are supostu be playing mmo. And in mmos you play characters not acc.

As someone who finds it incredibly hard to main one character, this would be huge if Rep was account-wide :smiling_face_with_tear: :pleading_face:

Final Fantasy you only need one character and can be every class, do every proff.

Guild Wars is a lot more account based.

I’m sure there are others.

they should be account bound.

that’s the correct way of doing things. if it was account bound then the borrowed powers and the chores wouldn’t be a problem either. imagine heart of azeroth and covenants being account bound(optional) . we would have much easier time.

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Those gamea are not proper mmos.

said the person who thinks the only proper mmo is vanilla wow lol. maybe try to expand your vision :slight_smile:


And TBC and party WOtLk. Yes.

I understand why people would want this.
And partially i agree.

HOWEVER. I would say, Maxed out on Main( or one charachter) and you just get 500% bonus Rep when questing, dungeons, raids, mythics, dailies etc.
Your alts will get exalted at record time while your first character has to actually work for it( or A Character)

I think a change like that would be fair, especially for the gear you can purchase wich would increase your alts Ilvl a bit faster and make it actually usefull and used.

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Kinda stupid thst your main char have to do all thus work than chars you have on side gets to everything do basicaly for free just becouse there is some artificial barrier. Atleast come up with more rpg and immersive system what will make sense.