So in other news, alliance is back to losing every AV in SoM

I guess some things never change. What is wrong with this faction and the players it attracts?

Underdog faction gets faster queues, can afford to lose games.
Overpopulated faction has slower queues, puts effort to win games to make up the queue time.

Simple :slight_smile:

Imho there are more alliance at least on dreadnaught, so no clue what you are talking about.

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More ally players on one server doesn’t mean much, even with alliance majority, they always draw fewer pvp players so less queue ever in bg.

All EU SoM discords basically had alliance majority.
I think that says a lot.

All PvE realms had overwhelming ally majority.

As Ally I had queue times of 20 minutes or more, Horde has instant. Therefore, they play together more often, get faster rep and are in general better.

That being said, Ally as premades tend to win more due pally just being so good at things.


Basically Horde are the overall winning ‘underdogs’.

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Maybe we should wait another 2 weeks until the majority of players reached level 60 to draw conclusions.

But then what can I QQ about to the forums?

Most PVE players went Alliance ‘because paladins’. PVE players suck at PVP but want exalted AV items. Therefore, expect to lose when your faction is a bunch of keyboard turning dragon slayers.


This, Im trying allience for SoM, but my god its sad.


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Alliance has been complaining around 2 years about AV and the map advantage Horde had. Now there is now advantage, and horde has instant queues with a winrate of like 95%.

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