So many undeserved wins

(Bloodlock) #1

Thanks to double maledict trinket.

Do they plan to remove this sht show of a trinket or do we have to take a hiatus until it is gone?

Seriously, i got this trinket myself. It is the biggest joke ever in the history of wow. It grants kills at points where you would normally not kill without any way to counter it.

After this week everyone will have that trinket… even tho since everyone has it is kinda balanced facing this mongrel item just isn’t fun.


I guess our best bet would be 9.0

(Nexintus) #3

Considering how slow the game is though, it isn’t so horrendous and one on its own isn’t so OP but 2-3 is ridiculous. They should remove all new trinkets and increase damage outside CDs I think.

(Bloodlock) #4

Yeah, 3 times the trinket is just insane. Ok, you can’t stack it anyome… that doesn’t make it better tho because now people just line it. In a pug where everyone just throws their stuff it’s crap now, ok. But with com it is more insane now. Even the dispell is meaningless because you can only dispell it once and then you’re screwed.

(Nuvic) #5

Something we can agree on. Needs more reduction on necrotic part plus a 30 sec - 1 min debuff before u can apply new one, or just delete it.

(Kelduril) #6

There’s plenty ways to counter it.

I welcome it ( and yes I do have it ). Classes like DH benefit from it as we have no killing power.

(Karanze) #7

But then again you have a ton of other stuff someone like me would like.

AoE stun
Ranged stun
Ranged kick (I believe?)
Low CD defensive
Chaos school

The only advantage I have over you is Mortal Wounds, Commanding Shout and Execute.

(Kelduril) #8

Warrior has ranged stun too.

I’ll happily trade my kit for yours. I don’t think people who whine about DH mobility realise how crappy it is to not be able to hold the enemy in place because you’re literally the only melee class with no slows.


Just make a dr for maledict, so when you use one right after another damage and healing absorb is redused, or for expample after using 1 it puts a debuff on a target that prevents using another maledict on this target

(Karanze) #10

Indeed I do have a ranged stun, but it’s a talent, and that’s probably the only thing we have in common.
If I had Shockwave baseline I’d call us even in regards to CC.

If I had Double Time baseline I’d also call us equal in mobility.

(Ishkâr) #11

just ignore him, it’s Kelduril, one of the forum memes, he always cries about DH, he is also crying in the DH forums saying the class is crap on raid and only used coz of the magic debuff and that there are a lot of better classes in m+… I remember he was still saying DH was bad at 8.0 when we were top tier class in PvP aswell consider him a meme

(Kelduril) #12

You have an AoE fear, though. Chaos Nova shares DR with Eruption.

Your fear also can’t be dispelled, unlike Chaos Nova and untalented Imprison.

Not… quite. Because Warriors have slows. Mobility is relative to your enemy’s. Sure, Rogue on paper doesn’t seem that mobile because their cooldowns are fairly long, but their slows and 6 second duration / 20s cd stun cancels that.

I’ll happily trade a Fel Rush for Hamstring.

Telling people to ignore others is one of the most childish thing you can do. Why don’t you sit out of discussions that don’t concern you like a good little boy?

(Ishkâr) #13

Coz the entire forum and I have read enough of your trash and we’re tired of it. Also there is something called free speech so I have the right to say whatever I want as long as it doesn’t break ToS.
The point I don’t get is why haven’t u got banned yet from the forum with the amount of troll posts and replies u’ve done…

(Dargonix) #14

I just like to add , that i pvp’d on 3 characters first week of the season and continued to pvp on 2 after the first week.
After about 300 wins i am yet to receive a single trinket from this season , literally not one trinket from the new ones or the others.
I still think maledict is fine . High dampening is alot more cancer and alot more annoying.
We have enough pruned abilities , so if a trinket gives you an extra spell/ability and it matters and it takes some skill to time it , for maximum pressure on the enemy team i welcome it.
Even tho the RNG God Ion hasn’t given me even a 370 version

(Kelduril) #15

Then block me and stop behaving like a mewling quim.

(Bloodlock) #16

I got 395 last week random, 405 in chest this week and yesterday 395 random again on this very lock alone.

This System is so dumb it boggles my mind…

(Whisperer) #17

from which you unsuprinsingly weren’t able to name single one
but then again, you thought Mana Rift pre nerf was avoidable by just jumping away when you get Fel Eruptioned, so what do you know, right?

(Kelduril) #18

Jumping behind LoS tends to counter spells that need LoS yes.

Uhm. Dispels? Block? Bubble? Defensives? Kiting?

Taking 100% less healing for 5 seconds doesn’t mean much if you can avoid damage in those 5 seconds.

(Ishkâr) #19

Kelduril’s tip of the day: You can just play adaption to avoid it Kappa

(Whisperer) #20

Stun does prevent jumping though. That’s something you quite forgot to mention. Also if you claim Mana Rift was avoidable by LoSing DH, then you’re probably worst player ever, when you, as the most mobile melee in game get LoSed.
You just ran to target, pressed Stun, pressed Mana Rift and healer couldn’t do anything.

Okay. Dispel has 8 sec cooldown.
Doesn’t counter chained trinkets.
Block has larger cooldown than trinket, ergo doesn’t counter it.
Bubble has larger cooldown than trinket, ergo doesn’t counter it.
Defensives? Which exactly? And what are you going to use against offensive cooldowns?

Yes. If you avoid damage in 5 seconds it doesn’t mean much. But most players in arena aren’t Keldurils, but at least semi-decent people with capability to get to target and do damage.