So many undeserved wins


As I said, sometimes it takes time before a stun hits…c’mon, you know how to counter that? Charge, then Storm Bolt as you “fly”. Yes that is possible. Otherwise slow them first or get close, w/e… let a friend freeze/root them first… In the end it does NOT work the same.

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Yea, really broken drain life spec carried me, when I hit 2.2k with Arcane Mage and Warrior as my Rsham…
And no PvE experience? Very valid thing in PvP forum indeed.

And I didn’t judge you by you not being able to reach as high PvP achievments as I did. I judged you based on you saying nonsense, that clearly doesn’t work (like was shown with Adaptation against Fel Eruption, like was mentioned with moving while Stunned nonsense and other clearly delusional things that proves you don’t know what you talk about)
and that shows now too, when you suggest other nonsense to counter uncounterable things, which doesn’t really work. Again.


The real solution is this week’s reward being maledict! At last I will get my hands on it!

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He didn’t use it, because at the time, DH was so broken, that he didn’t even need to win for sure slowly, when he just could win fast (as he did, win under 2 minutes). But that didn’t mean that Mana Rift was counterable, it was just too slow for him against that certain comp to choose it, since he was able to win faster.

  1. 3 Trinkets is OP is the same thing. This trinket is OP. You can use it 3 times. People do use it 3 times. Therefore trinket is OP. It’s like if DH was so broken again that people double stacked it. That wouldn’t just mean Double DH is OP, that means DH is OP.
  2. Problem starts with 2nd trinket as you cannot get rid of (dispel) second trinket, so not even 3 trinkets are needed, just two.
  3. Bloodlock ALREADY mentioned this, in his original post.
    So not only you failed to understand the power of the trinket, not only were you clueless, but you didn’t even read properly what you are reacting to.

No. Vendetta has shorter CD than Darkness, so Darkness itself can’t counter it.
I am not talking about you. You might not be able to counter Vendetta, but other DHs might, thanks to having low CD Netherwalk or Wall. But then again, most people don’t attack DH.
If you have different experience, it’s probably because you’re vocal like this and they realized you will be easy to kill based on your game knowledge and DH knowledge.

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I don’t know if it’s the English that confuses you, but you’re not moving while stunned. You’re moving before you get stunned. And when the stun hits you you’re theoretically behind cover. Your jump still finishes even after you get stunned. Go ahead and test it, because I just did.

Lol what? They got to like 40% dampening for sure. DH always needed to win ‘slowly’. It’s a class with no burst. And Mana rift was useless against RShaman and Holy Paladin.

He didn’t use it because a decent team would C C him when the healer gets CCed, eeffectively making one of his pvp talents useless.

If DH is so broken why aren’t they doing it now? Almost nothing changed from 8.0

No rogue’s going to use Vendetta on the DH.

Now you’re just being dumb.

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That’s impossible with Fel Eruption and quite hard with Stormbolt.
But we don’t discuss stormbolt, but Fel Eruption + Mana Rift. Fel Eruption doesn’t have travel time.

Any stun pins you down and if you’re mid air, you fall down exactly on the place you got stun in. With the exception of Asphyxiate, which doesn’t even let you fall down.
So I will just call you liar from now on, as you claim to test something positively that doesn’t work.

it sounds like I already acknowledged it in the post you react to? Maybe you’re bit slow in mind or incapable of reading

Says Fel Eruption Adaptationer…
that’s quite some intelligence authority :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Don’t you get that this doesn’t matter? You’re already moving. This only assumes you can predict when the DH will stun, which shouldn’t be hard because he’s dashing towards you.

It doesn’t pin you instantly and it would require that the DH has ridiculous reflexes.

Jesus Christ.

I’m done with you. You’re nothing but a nagging wife bringing up shi t from half a year ago. At least put out.

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seems like you don’t get it actually, since I already pre-answered question you have now.

what? you use stun, target is on the spot where it gets stunned
it’s literally impossible for DH to use Fel Eruption and it target end up being behind pillar
no matter of reflexes of either
in other words, no matter how well you jump and how bad DH is, he can still use Fel Eruption + Mana Rift as after you’re hit by Fel Eruption, you can do nothing to prevent it (outside of bubble or trinket, which both have much higher CD)

No, you cannot jump and get stunned behind pillar. Thinking that just shows how little you know about DH and stuns.
Yes you can do that with Stormbolt, theoretically, no you can’t do that with Fel Eruption.

Okay, so let’s bring something more recent, how about the time when you thought you can just dispel the trinket so it’s fine? But again, you just were incapable of realizing you can use two of them in a row, but enemy can’t dispel twice in a row.
And haha, remember how it was even mentioned in the original post and you were still incapable of getting it halfway through… man!

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You realise that doesn’t make me wrong, right? It just makes the second trinket undispellable.

(Whisperer) #43

Ergo is broken. The end.
And… yes, it makes you wrong actually.

never been able to mention single one and the only your point you had (dispel) was admitted by you to be wrong too

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Except I was referring to ONE instance of the trinket.

(Whisperer) #45

Then you’re stupid, as topic was very clear.


I’m pretty sure you forgot near perma meta. Good times.


did you really just compare arms 0 mobility with dh

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Arms has less mobility but they have slow. Mobility is relative to your target. 10 dashes mean nothing if the enemy keeps running at 130% speed and you can’t slow them.


Don’t think so. They added it to bring some additional stuff into PvP. Like another button to use just for PvPers to increase “skillcap”.

Actually not a bad idea but multiple maledicts are still an issue. Question is, if a debuff (like you couldn’t be hit by another maledict for x secs) would really help or if it would destroy the coordination behind it.

Can’t decide. I actually don’t like the trinket, but I like having more stuff to use.

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Just put it on the DR.

First Maledict cancels 40K, second cancels 20K, third cancels 10K.

You dispel the first, and 30K denied healing is not much for 2 2min cds.

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I must stand with Kelduril today. Maledict is currently the best win condition for DH.
Draining mana is slow. Even if you land a few hits, you mostly are not able to get mana advantage, because you are unable to pressure the healer same way like fury warrior, assa rogue or unholy DK does => which costs your healer mana, while enemy healer has easier time staying alive.
Other melee have slows, roots, some even spamable. We can choose either slow, or extra stun. Incap is honor talanted and must pick… Compare it to rogue which has all this in basic kit, is bursty, can disengage without problem…
Warriors and DKs can press the button and be immune to CC, even rogue can.
They have execute skills, which deal a huge damage in single hit => that is what wins you the arena, big hits forcing cooldowns…
Our mobility is irrelevant if we can’t stay on target. If we are slowed, rooted or incaped, that 2 felrushes won’t save us.
Yes we have one slow, which is also one of our best panic butons. It slows your target while also keeping you from him and removing 1 snare which you have (from that description you must know that this skill is meant for defense, and using it offensively only shows how desperate are we for slow)
How alse can we win than deny healing for a few seconds when target is low, use stun and trinket… We don’t have any other finisher.
Eye beam? Kick me, stun me, whatever. My only burst is over… Bladestorm? (lol)
But cocoon, stuning us, slowing, rooting. All that can save you from maledict’s impact.

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Where is Jito to defend this trinket and take on the role as missunderstood?


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