So the Old God corruption can be cured now?


In the BfA quest “Twist the Knife”, the player stands right in front of N’Zoth, where he speaks to you and infects you with his corruption.
For perspective’s sake, Neltharion, who was like the most powerful non-divine being in existence, got irreversibly corrupted by the Old Gods just by chilling in a cave somewhere, where he could hear faint whispers. But if an average, pathetic human or gnome stands a few metres from N’Zoth’s face and has a little chat with him, then he’s completely fine?

Well then there’s also a follow-up quest “His Eye Upon You”, in which Brother Pike performs a special ritual to cleanse your corruption. If it’s that easy, why wasn’t it ever used on anyone else?
But the best part is that the “ritual” is literally just Brother Pike zapping you for 6 seconds. wat

I was under the impression that Old God corruption is all-consuming and incurable (unless it’s a red dragon cleansing a subject before it’s even born, hence how we got Wrathion not be murderous)


Nah. It’s a plot item. It will work for its plot purpose and then be forgotten. Else we could just heal Void Elves with that soup, and sadly that’s not going to happen. They’ll have some :cow2::poop: explanation about how the animal whose tears you need to brew that potion just went extinct or something at most.

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While i put it beyond blizzard writting ability.
An easy excuees is that you only think you are cleanced.

Little old tentical face is a master manipulator after all.
Letting you believe you arent corrupt makes it easier to control you.
If people know they are being corrupted they might fight back.
Where if they think it was there own choice…


I would not say that was a true corruption, but more of an gift to you, so you can se who else is on his side, nothing else realy, could be called a true sight instead, it was not a curse or anything.


It is all about the power of the target of the corruption. No one matches Neltharions power but the Old Gods. Once corrupted, no one can cleanse him.

Meanwhile the simple minded PC… well… judged by his actions regarding Xal’thingy Dagger and forgetting the Tidestone on the cost… a level 14 Mining Monkey could cleanse him by throwing a banana at his third eye…


“Soon… All eyes will be opened…”

I am very much of the opinion that N’zoth truly bestowed a ‘gift’ upon us. The eye he gives us does not compel us to do anything we do not wish to do (as far as we know) but it opens our eyes to the ‘truth’ of the world. Even if we do assume this is Old God corruption made manifest and none of what the eye shows us is true (certainly possible it’s deceiving us) then you could argue that we got treated fast and that was our saving grace.

Neltharion was corrupted slowly, insidiously, over thousands and thousands of years. The whispers drove him mad until he could not tell what was real and what was his own insane imagination anymore. We basically got a one-pump dump of void energy right then and there and then immediate triage by a REALLY powerful Priest, all things considered. Horde side, he is aided by a powerful Loa whose whole schtick is mind-stuff, and on Alliance by a Tidepriest who has had - by now - a lot of exposure to the void.

But as Malaficus said, maybe we only think we’re free of his corruption. Maybe N’zoth is just playing the long con. Or maybe those who think that his ‘gift’ is anything but him driving them mad are the crazy ones, already too far gone to realise…

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