So the secondary stats (ring)?

I was just wondering why this apparently amazing ring hasn’t got any secondary stats on it?. Was there a reason behind it or did blizz just forget to add them?.

It is intended.

Yes, there was a reason behind it and bLizzard never forgets such things. They measure everything in inches.

What’s the reason? Only asking because I can’t find any literature explain why.

The ring is meant to be replaced next season. If it had secondary stats like normal rings it would very likely remain the best ring for the entire expansion, and probably even until the level cap of the next expansion.

Instead it’s not even the best ring for the patch it was implemented in.


Even if they added secondary stats by turning off the gems in the next patch the ring would not remain the best ring.

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There is a very easy solution for that. They just nerf it after the patch goes live and they see it’s still bis. Which Ion said in his interview that they’d be willing to do if it was still extremely good next patch.


they ARE making the patches? What does he mean ‘IF’???

Honestly I don’t like this ring. Even if it’s bis the amount of random procs it has reeks of corruption from bfa

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The player power benefits of the ring is based on the gems you chose. Having base stats would reduce the power budget the gems could in theory grant before becoming too powerful in context of the current and future content being done.

So instead of stat benefits, you get procs or other effects. You can tailor it to be defencive, supportive or defencive. They all get to affect your gameplay more, as they are not reduced by statbudget.

Shorter version: To keep them balanced against their function.

It’s meant as catchup gear

how about they add a ring that keeps upgrading the whole expansion to be one of the best, but not the best??? easy??

Please no. I still am dreading the time of the Heart of Azeroth. No, I beg. No more fancy jewelery.

So no. No more Jim trinkets or CoFs. That you had, used and got stuck with untill you got BiS - even if it was raid tiers behind.

This new ring is just a fun late-season item. That is all it needs to and should be. Fun and for this season :+1:

heart of azeroth was BIS and required for any content

reread my post


Reread mine.

I used the examples in the 2nd paragraph that would be equal to your ring suggestion in how you are stuck with old season items.


ofc a toxic mythic raider will say this. why u mad that normal players can have some decent gear? lmao


Forgot to check your guildname. You got me, mr troll. You got me good.


It’s not though, for some specs it’s so strong they’re not taking it off for the rest of this expansion, and others they aren’t equipping it over something with 400 ilvl.

Some specs are getting an enormous long term upgrade.

Agree, for the rest of this season, the ring should be powerful for everyone. It not being so, is not fun. If this means buffing some ring interactions to only work with the negatively affected specs, that would be great.

Now, the goal should be - next tier starts, you replace this ring with the mythic (1) tier one.