So the TBC is coming and I dont know what to play

Dont get me wrong, I know classes and etc but Im also that kind of person who always strugle what to play. Im thinking of 2 classes. Rogue or Druid. The two ones that Im most familiar to, but I also wont have so much time to play because my gf is moving in soon and I will need to focus my life on that real part a but more than before. I will do coplue of raids probably since my guild gonna play there but I will mostly focus on pvp and arenas. From one hand I would love to play rogue in both pve and pvp but I dont want to switch spec all the time, and if I played druid I could just stay agresive resto build and still be effective on raids/dungs while being beast in pvp too.

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From your post it sounds like you already made up your mind to play druid.

I played a druid back in tbc as a main tank/off in pve with guild and Resto in PvP and Resto was strong in arena and in PvP almost nothing could touch you and in the PvP spec I could heal in pugs like SSC no problem as for bt or sunwell it really wasn’t pugged outside of paying guild boosts for items on my server and probably wouldn’t allow PvP specs if it was

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Both are S tier in PvP and fun ,so whichever you choose, you will not make mistake. Real question is, which role do you like to play with, DPS or Healing (mostly) ? One the end of the day, play with class you enjoy the most

I ususally play as dps and started to tank as DH lately BUT when i played TBC (priv cuz my parents didnt want to pay sub and i switched to global after I started to gather my own money) as a little kid i played restokin build and I was having hell of a fun :d think Im gonna play druid again :slight_smile:

Druid, as always.

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