So tired of the hate train!

guys (asmon fans) I have the solution to all your hate.

Don’t like the games current patch? = unsubscribe, go pet a flower.

game gets good again? = subscribe

WOW, I should get a diploma!


is this the hatetrain? god i hate this game


I don’t agree with most of what Asmon says but I still think WoW is in one of the worst states it ever was. What now?


You are wrong
but it’s ok

Still a long way to go to take WOD throne when it comes to content.

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Here, some love :blue_heart:


Hating the game is fair, plenty to hate (and love). But to keep going on and on and on about it is a bit much… bit pathetic even in some cases /coughbellularcoughahgasdfgfg

People really need to learn how to let go already, and don’t give me that “people are passionate” crap either, people are addicted - theres a difference.


Game hasn’t been good after MoP. I have tried to like it after. I have redeemed subs and unsubbed many times. Almost 8 years WoW hasn’t felt right. Maybe Microsoft can turn things around because they do make long term planning in most cases.


I have a solution for people who don’t like Asmongold: don’t watch him.


why do you think that all people wich dislike how the game is is some asmongold fan? You seem more obsessed with him than most of the people venting their dislikes about the game. I understand you want the forums to be a positive circlej erk where nobody ever complains. But thats not how forums work, its there to discuss things. And that includes things wich people think should be improved


Because im frustrated how people who hear “I have to GriND for 80 ReNoWn” think its a legit critisism for the game :stuck_out_tongue:


It is a legit criticism tho. If alot of people dislike it then clearly it might not be a good idea to have system on top of system to timegate the player.

There are plenty of people wich would love to play other classes as well and simply don’t have the time to have huge grinds like that on multiple characters.

The Renown wouldnt be such a huge problem on its own either, but the issue is there are plenty of other things you also need to grind this expansion. Sure mmos and grinds go hand in hand. But these days it seems like there are more and more chores to do if you wish to keep up


I have a solution for people who don’t like peeps criticising Asmon, don’t read it… see how that works, eh?

Also, Asmon fans will tell you that if you don’t watch his content, you still can’t criticise him because you haven’t watched him… basically it’s that whole 'Leave Britney, ALOOOOOOOONE! deal…


I’m feel the same way bud. Cataclysm & MoP were the last expansions I actually enjoyed enough to have an active subscription for more than 50% of expansions life cycle.

These days I am only subscribed to the game for 3 to 4 months per expansion… Usually 2 months after launch, maybe 1 month at the midway point, and then 1 month towards the end of the expansion, once all the catch up content is in place. This has pretty much been my approach to the game since WoD.

Unfortunately your zinger misfired, because I have to read a post first to know what it says, whereas if I already know I don’t like someone’s content I can simply avoid it :stuck_out_tongue:

Even during wod fiasco i don’t remember this much negativity surrounding it so i say hate is justified.

What has happened now with Asmon?

I don’t know, but I’m assuming he’s criticised WoW and that this has made some people unhappy.

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Or you know…

Provide feedback and arguments what would make a better game to increase enjoyment.

Don’t just stick your head in the sand and “Hope” the devs figure it out themselves.

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Tired of the Hate-Train?

Get off at the next stop.

Perhaps the forums aren’t for you anymore.