So we're now cool with the Horde?


I’ve reached the 3k follower exp timegate only to discover that suddenly we’re cool with the Horde. Greymane and Jaina are even complementing Thalyssra and Lor’Themar. Did something happen off screen? Or there are just no consequences to anything in lore and things just sort of happen, randomly?

Thalyssra turned on the Alliance for no reason just after they helped her retake Surumar, Lor’Themar’s goons helped nuke Theramore. Genn lost his son and his country ffs. Twice, since Gilneans were refugees in Darnassus.

What’s next, Tyrande gets Alzheimer’s and settles in Stormwind? And we’re going to pull Grom Hellscream card on Sylvanas?
“Yeah we know you’re a sociopathic murderer leading sociopathic murderers conducting genocide after genocide, but let’s just forget that because there’s this one tentacly spooky guy that needs to be spanked.”


Next step is Baine and Anduin getting marriage, to celebrate LGBT pride.


Silly Night Elf, you already settled in Stormwind, did you miss that large group of Kaldorei working in our farms and the masses of refugees littering the streets? I didn’t. All in the name of the Alliance… Yay!


To be fair, Thalyssra and Lor’themar have had next to no direct involvement in the Horde’s atrocities. The blood elves were acting under Garrosh and Thalyssra was on a mission to free prsioners, she did not light the fires.

Besides, it is pretty much necessary when going up against Azshara.

The Horde might not differentiate between the various members and races of the Alliance, but the Alliance is capable of such.


Basically this.

Though it’s not randomly, it’s arbitrarily. It’s not chance, but people behind all this and they seem to think their narrative is compelling.

To paraphrase an infamous corpse:
This task will test your faith, but we need to see where this leads. Just play along for now.

(Zarao) #6

No. This is just Blizzards way of ending the faction war.

You are to forgive the Horde for everything because Saurfang and Baine are super sad about it.
Also, regardless of how many soldiers willingly fought and killed Alliance, it’s all Sylvanas fault, and hers alone.
Because Jaina and Anduin have already forgiven the rest. And they are the only ones whose opinion matters

Good writing. You should try the Horde side too for a 360º scope of the smoking pile of s**t to fully appreciate it.


Oh screw this. If Tyrande goes full out Night Warrior on the Horde and becomes “villain” next expac, I want to be able to join her. This is the only morally defensible position tbh.


They have been removed … in case you were too busy at the markets of Boralus^^

(Daltor) #9

Yes, bad writing did.

(Uruk) #10

Eh, I’ll take it at this point. Just end this war and stop ruining the story and the characters Blizz.

(Zarao) #11

It’s not really ending much if it leaves a whole round of stories to be continued with a wide range of awful endings.

Yeah, the implications of Night elves handwaving their own genocide has implications beyond the current plot.
And same for the rest of issues.

(Uruk) #12

Let’s be fair though, do you really think they are ever going to resolve those plots? These are the people who stated that Tyrande got her revenge off-screen.


I’m going to check now, and if I find out you were lying, I will kidnap you and bring you to the High King’s secret laboratory, where your brain will be… reprogramed.

(Zarao) #14

No. But taking solace in the fact it has finally ended, amounts for little if the implications of said ending are something that creates problems regarding the future story. And the portrayal derived from it.

(Uruk) #15

That’s true, but again, knowing them the future plots will only get worse if this war continues. Do we really want that? Hasn’t BfA been enough?

Logically the war can now only end in two ways:

  1. One faction is destroyed.

  2. Third party destroys both factions, rendering them unable to continue the fighting.

Unfortunately, I doubt any of the two are even remotely realistic to happen. But the alternatives make my skin crawl…

If the war continues, the story will suffer even more as they are unable to pull it off well. But I think we can agree that the ending to the war will be just as underwhelming.


You were lying. Now I will punish you goblin. Prepare to join Baine and Saurfang in the club of animals who were neutered in the name of the Alliance.

(Elyssarain) #17

Fear not! Next xpac, the Night elves join the Horde!

That is literally the depth of my expectation for the writing right now. And I’ve got a shovel in one hand and ashes of a rope on another.


You would turn your back on the Alliance after everything we’ve done for you?

(Elyssarain) #19

You did nothing, Kul’tiran. Stormwind couldn’t spare the formal troops so we got volunteers instead.


Are you resubbed again?