So we're now cool with the Horde?


Go back to the ashes, and hush like Tyrande.

(Elyssarain) #22

Have we met before?

I subbed for a month to see for myself the extent of the situation but I am not impressed at all. Needed to anyway, to exchange my gold into WoW tokens iirc. Forgot to do that in my previous cycle.

The justice of Warchief Baine has much work to do here on the Forums. Remember kids: when Tauraujo is terrible but Blighting your own troops is handwaved, something is very wrong.


Yeah we met us on Discord… I just changed my main.

(Elyssarain) #24

Who was your main?


I’m Stea on Discord

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Ahhh right, yes I remember you. Not been that long since we last talked here on the forums.


And how is the patch for you?

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Nazjatar is an insult on numerous levels. Mechagon doesn’t really interest me. I’m sure I’ve ranted about the 8.2 problems here in the past when the PTR was analyzed. How they managed to make the Live writing worse than the PTR, and remove valid content…I do not know.


At least it was just a 1 month sub ^^


Ungrateful Night Elf.

You should be excited to work for Jaina and Genn in Nazjatar.

(Elyssarain) #31

I have enough gold to buy WoW tokens for months. There is too much work left to do in preparing people here for Warchief Baine. A goal I deem worthy of my time, and the gold reserves I built up over Legion.

Looks at the elephant in the Nazjatar room
Yes…the biggest problem with Nazjatar is Jaina and Genn…not as if we’re forgetting something about Azshara and the zone. Ancient history made living and current, yet forgotten.


My biggest gripe with Nazjatar is that it’s not an underwater zone. Yes, Vashj’ir is the best zone ever. Fight me and my contrarian opinions.

I also wish it weren’t so empty. This is the center of their civilization so I’m a little bummed there are so few grand Naga structures.

(Araphant) #33

Its recycled Azsuna with a bit of Suramar. The sheer novelty of the experience is killing me.

(Elyssarain) #34

Lap it up Sparkle Knight, more recycled content surely on the way in 8.3 if they follow form.

Yes, almost as if a massive part of the narrative, coding and structures are absent. Hmm. I really do wonder what they do with all that money they get from subscriptions, cause it sure isn’t matched by the investment in the game quality.


Maybe parts of Zin’Azshari is. But that makes sense since both the cities/towns in Azsuna and Zin’Azshari are Night elven ruins dating from before the Sundering.

Rest of the zone is pretty unique.

(Erevien) #36

There is this nice new leak found around where factions dissolve completely and everyone who aren’t night elves stand together as united azeroth. Tells you enough you need to know about Azeroth’s future. :slight_smile:


Well they are against Azshara right? so not your normal wailing cavern boss, so simply they either put aside thier differences and work togather…or stay at each others nick and work as solo faction for Azshara to easily have thier heads for dinner. Besides, lorewise those are the survivors of each faction, not the entire fleet that you have seen before falling to the depth of nazjatar.


Many easily offended and looking to be offended millennial wont like your reply my friend, but i have to tell you i could not write the first 2 minutes and i had to use spell check to correct all the mistakes.

Pure gold :stuck_out_tongue:

(Leíá) #39

I think, the main core problem we’ve got is that the expectations were set too high for Zin’Azshari - but this wasn’t the players that had done this, this was Blizzard.

I too held hopes that we’d see a glorified combination of early Silvermoon and Suramar, as well as small tints of Eldre’Thalas before things went South. I also think people expected to see…thousands of Highborne streets and balconies (sort of like the one Thalyssra slightly leans on when she looks over the Nighthold in Suramar’s introduction.)

Alas - it has just been Nar’thalas recycled and placed three times over, and it’s killed the excitement. From the city we saw in Azshara’s Warbringer, to what we see in-game…I’m sorry, but Suramar looks to be the “grand” city and Zin’Azshari, it’s (Suramar’s) second.


I do not think we se the hole city eighter, just one part of it, like the royal court also it can not look good after being under water for 10k years, that would not be possible, and it also seems Azharas palace is under the hole thing.