So we're now cool with the Horde?

(Dudas) #142

2/8 HC oh we hardcore now OMEGALUL.

(Araphant) #143

Come on, at least give me an answer I can mock, this is just funny.

Also, your item level is 386. My naked lock has more. :rofl:

(Dudas) #144

Sorry that I didn’t play in the last 8 months of this sh*tshow. And somehow my warlock still has more M progress than you’ll ever have this expansion XD.

Also good to know Haiete is still a*s kissing every single post you make. Some things never change. But hey HORDE MAIN FANS GREAT FACTION. We fools don’t understand honor, loyalty, peace and happiness. Good to be back looking forward to great debates as always.

(Araphant) #145

It is fascinating that your sole ambition is having more M progress then a guy who doesn’t do PVE. Ambitious as always, my friend.

But do keep writing edgy quotes about millions of dead while running away from Alliance levelers. I don’t blame you, some have higher item level then you. :rofl:

(Dudas) #146

Well your pvp stats can’t be taken seriously anyway with your 60% win rate 1700 rating (since you can’t lose rating until 1500), otherwise you would be stuck in the lfr 300 rating bracket :slight_smile:


Lmao this guy.

I’m not even in his top five of people he is liked by. Denying the facts already? Like when you suggested I had no Horde chars?

(Araphant) #149

I wouldn’t take yer knowledge of pvp seriously mate.

Dudas on the forums: “If I could slaughter millions of you I would not shed a tear”.
Dudas in pvp:

Actually, sorry, you did say “IF”. it is good you are aware you can’t, people should be aware of their limits. The Horse is saying hi!

Oh, as for your gearing, LFR is out. I advise it warmly!

(Zarao) #150

Discrediting someone’s opinion regarding faction animosity, based on an ingame feature, seems like a rather wrong thing to do.

It’s the equivalent of waving as irrelevant someone’s opinion regarding world building and ingame perspectives, because they haven’t bothered with the Loremaster achievement or haven’t completed certain quest.
Things like: “Yeah, way to complain about Night elf portrayal when you haven’t even finished questing on Ashenvale”.

It’s absurd.

I don’t know if this was meant as joke or not, but the point is that it’s definitely some rather weird approach.

(Araphant) #153

It is funny that you are using the opportunity to lecture me about the possibility that I “discredited” someone’s opinion, while meanwhile ignoring the fact that that someone openly insulted both me and Haiete (Haiete got insulted despite not even replying on the thread).

It is a rather absurd approach, this moralist posturing where you devote me a paragraph, because I dared make a joke, while someone else walks away freely.

I will be ungenerous and assume that Dudas is getting a free card because he shares your opinion, right? Oh, and for the record, I will also add that I can not “discredit” someone.

I control only my own actions, and a failure to properly reply to someone’s argument makes me look like a fool.

He did more to discredit himself with these insults then anything I could ever do.

(Zarao) #154

I addressed the initial claim that started it. Didn’t bother reading the entire exchange.

It’s not about anyone walking away freely from anything.
I just find that taking the discussion down certain avenues will unequivocally lead to the usual mud flinging.
The issue, as with every fight, usually ends up being with who started.

Really, what was your point to make such remark?
Did you truly expect a different response once the first stone was thrown?

Ps: Although I do disagree with bringing in someone that hasn’t even intervened. This is one of the drawbacks Blizzard brought on their forums when they made upvotes public knowledge. It signals who is supporting certain posture or behaviour.
The equivalent of an agreement.

EDIT: This does sound like a moralist speech. Not my point.
I simply disagree that proficiency in a specific field is of any relevance regarding discussing the lore around it. Period.

(Araphant) #155

I mean, if you have written just this, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

If you agree, we can leave it at that. I will purposely refrain from addressing the rest, not because I can’t, but because there is no point in furthering such a line of discussion.

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