So what exactly is new... in 8.1

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The new WF has been and gone for Alliance, it’s back to Arathi.

However this was everything in 8.1

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Yee it’s in essence the same anyway – those warfronts. Found a new store mount so guess that’s content. I just can’t find anything to do, still no allied races as advertised ages ago.

Also what’s with the new forums, don’t like them AT ALL.

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basically, Assault areas that pop up every 10 hours or so (Not sure about the exact time). New world quests that are happening in warfront areas. They’re daily. And they count as honorbound/7th legion missions, so you can count them for your honorbound/7th legion world quest challenge. heritage armor for blood elves and dwarfs. Some small addition to your questline which ends and awaits the next raid to continue, and new mounts to farm.

I guess these are the big ones.

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Right, well than I regret me buying game time. IMO wow should just go free 2 play as other f2p games offer more and better content that this (like Fortnite). I let this sub run out and I see you all when it’s free2play. This is simply not worth my money nor time. No wonder there are only 3-4 million active chars.


Have you tried the new shop they added?

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What shop?

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If you don’t enjoy levelling alts, there’s precious little reason to play BfA as there are not that much content at max level, and what content there is, is on a very strict time gating setup.

Apparently, in accordance with Blizzard, this is the way to make lasting content. Make 2 things and time gate the heck out of it, and proclaim you’ve made content that’ll last for 2 months.

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They’ve finally updated the forums and we have some modern features, like notifications when people reply to you, quote you, like you. You can bookmark posts. There is a trust level system which rewards regular active posters with the ability to post gifs, links etc.

There is more functionality within posts themselves to be able to do more. There is a lot more formatting now.

There is quite a useful guide pinned in this forum.

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I have like 11 chars on 110 and 3 of them on 120 did that during the launch. I was planning to level a kul tiran human now, as was advertised in 2017. But here we are in 2019 and Activision has no idea when it will be there. It’s sad really.

–I can’t quote anymore. The new forums are worse imo. Just like the game. gonna try my luck for a refund of this game time.

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There was a blue post about the Zanda/KT as well.

We’ve seen some confusion about the unlock requirements for Zandalari and Kul Tirans, and how that relates to testing them on the PTR. We’d like to clarify where things stand currently, and what our plans are once they’re officially released.

The basic requirements to unlock Zandalari and Kul Tiran are as follows:

  • Exalted with that race’s faction
  • Completed the content achievement for that race (“Zandalar Forever!” or “A Nation United,” respectively)
  • Completed the Tides of Vengeance War Campaign achievement

On the PTR, we’ve enabled the last part of the War Campaign earely, so that the Allied Race unlock quests can be started. As long as you satisfy the other requirements, and are at 3/4 of the requirements for the Tides of Vengeance War Campaign achievement, you’ll be able to speak to Nathanos on the Banshee’s Wail or Halford Wyrmbane on the Wind’s Redemption to get started unlocking Allied Races on the PTR.

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Yee It’s just not worth it anymore. Either wow goes free2play or I won’t be back anymore. I can deal with this if it was free but not like this. The game itself isn’t even fun to play anymore, but the fashion craft part is to me. Kinda.

Activision is way to greedy and not a company I want to actively support, unlike Epic. Epic is doing such a good job of not screwing people over.


Just to much greedy.

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Then I wish you luck finding something you do enjoy :slight_smile:

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For some reason the forums still works after refunding, but I got my refund for game time, very awesome indeed. I did find new games, about to just uninstall modern wow from my ssd as it’s never going to be good again. So many store mounts and expensive heirlooms it’s a joke of a free2play game right now.

I’ll be trying Vanilla, I did not like it more but I’m tired of all these store trash.

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A number of people are finding they can keep posting after their subs have expired. It’s odd.


It’s not odd. It’s about engagement. Pretty much every business will tell you that keeping a customer engaged makes them more likely to buy from you in the future, even if they are engaged because they are complaining.

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It is odd because those without game time are not supposed to be able to post. When we tested this with other players who had no game time they could not post.

It’s just not working consistently which is odd.

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Did you have to necro your own thread for this? Please stop crying for attention

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No one here said you would not get a refund.

Also reported for insulting people by calling them autists.


Too cut a long list short, very little is new.

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