So when will we fix ToD?

This ability cleaving is the only reason we can even barely keep up in high-end content. Our single target was always mediocre as hell and our AoE has been falling off as the patch has progressed just due to how poorly WW scales compared to other specs and ontop of that we have like 5 talent points spent on Touch of Death to even somewhat stay relevant in 4-8 target cleave. Even then it’s not enough.

And just to add insult to injury the game takes like 10 years to realize that ToD is usuable so you often just sit there wasting an entire global hoping you get enough time to do ToD → hit combo → ToD again. Why can’t ToD just trigger as fast as other execute abilities?.. Why is there a huge delay for the game to get out of bed and realize we have a button that we can press?

A lot of stuff got better in this xpac for WW but a lot still needs to be done. ToD is killing the enjoyment of the spec. Rerolling for 10.1 if things stay like this.

Also, while ur at it… Fix the camera bug with FoF in 10.0.7

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I couldn’t agree more the gameplay right now of ww being proped up but ToD is so boring and annoying and stressful, you have 2 ww in raid goodluck getting a log only 1 gets touch, got slight lag goodluck getting any touchs in xD, wqnt to be relevent in m+ better spam ToD and completely screw your hit combo cause not touchs = no damage but dont spam it twice in a row cause hit combo? Great design and then why in the hell would blizzard make this ablitly have so many talent points attached to it, its broke its always been weird and off, now before thats not to bad cause it 1 ability but now its still one ablitly having so many talent points pumped into it so if it dosent work its just the biggrst pain point ever and i mean ever. If i miss getting 2 of touchs of in m+ with loads of mobs im literally screaming and feeling physical pain, nice design blizzard xD will they fix no probably not but one can hope.

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