So, where else than Dalaraan do Horde players roleplay?

Since I am leveling my Nightborne Mage rn in the last few days, I do realize that on Horde Orgrimmar is pretty, pretty dead compared to Stormwind on Alliance side.

I have seen more players recently of both factions at Legion Dalaraan, but any other places where Horde players do RP?


Orgrimmar still has some activity, but not as much as it used to. Others are out in the world doing events, I believe,

Horde roleplay in general is much more guild-focused than on Alliance side. Even on its best days, Orgrimmar was never as active as Stormwind in terms of open RP, and those days are long gone now.

You can still find RP in Valley of Honor and in Silvermoon (though rather sporadically, I think? Haven’t been there in months.), but other than that, finding a guild is likely your best bet if neutral RP isn’t your cup of tea.

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Nah, its quite dead

Join the pcu!


I’m starting to think that these threads are all PCU shill bait.

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It is actually not. I don’t even know that guild/server/whatever.

shs-s-h–shut up boy



In the Alliance prison camps. /s

Joking aside, Horde has some beautiful land to play with. Tauren places are criminally underused.

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You can find Nightborne RP with us, and very occasionally in Orgrimmar or Suramar.

Alternatively, you can wait for the next Suramar eventTM to be announced, which I heard might be soon-ish after one specifc PCU campaign…




An allusion! What are you implying!?


I’m innocent, i was doing a task (making arcwine).

Triseloux, on the other hand…

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