So you killed outlaw dont mind but make Sub now our m+ spec


So you nerfed the aoe around 33% + azerite trait nerf( total nerf around 36-40%) which honestly put outlaw aoe below other meele classes if you aint got good buffs up and it still has bad single target dps. Fine by me I never liked outlaw that much anyway far to much rnd rerolling. Combat rogue was the better spec with the traffic light.

So how about you buff sub aoe to be just litte bit below other meeles to make it our m+ spec and buff his single target. Would change the position of the rogue in m+, which would be refreshing, from aoe focused to more single target. Would probably also fix the mdi problem. I think that would be better then all rogues just playin assa in raids and m+. I mean to have 2/3 spec beeing useless kinda sucks.


Assassin is already the best for pvp, so why not pve? Saves you on weapons and sets, saves bag space.

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outlaw is likely still stronger than assa in M+. You have to realise that the ideal universe for assa is getting up time on dots, unless you idolise for crit with the fan of knives build but even then-compared to outlaw you’re still going to be playing catch up for M+ as assa vs outlaw.

Since assa needs to get some uptime with its dots else its not going to be able to peak its dps which means your going to only really peek on bosses or a juicy fortified week, ist still viable but side by side outlaw’s damage is always constant and never not at its maximum potential since there is no dots.


Well, after the nerf is an AOE Assa better than an Outlaw Rogue, so


Outlaw is not dead, it still have good aoe, shroud, gouge for interrupts, short cd RANGED stuns and despite popular beliefs more than ok single target dmg.

All the nerf did was make assassination a real option now in m+.

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