So, you wanna come to Pyrewood Village? :)

After spending almost two years on this server, and finally achieving the goals I wanted, it’s time for me to retire until TBC. For those of you who think that Pyrewood Village is the best PVE server, you are so terribly, terribly wrong. Maybe WillE and Numidia could make a video about the server situation as well since this is just a viewpoint from one neutral player.


Spoiled, unrealized, without attention in RL are the three words that best describe the 50% of the server community. You are HR-ing an item they want? You will be crucified. You don’t pop the head in SW at a certain time? You’ll be swarmed with toxic whispers. Did you make a mistake in a PVE environment? Be ready to be called out on voice or raid chat.

Kudos to all the nice people I had a chance to play with.


It’s not a lie when I say that economy is f***ed up on this server. It’s not as bad as on some other realms, that is true, but prices are so pumped up, and this will surely continue into TBC and not all the new farming sources will help a casual player keep up with them.

Reasons for this are simple - Massive amounts of GDKP runs where the end split goes between 1k and 3k gold, where the organizers take around 50k per week for all the GDKPs they create during one week of raiding and of course bots in the usual farming spots in the open world, and the ones in Dire Maul, BRD, and Stratholme.

With all this, there is no way for a casual guild to clean Naxx or for even some semi-hardcore guild to have all of their 40 players always ready for Naxx on a weekly basis.


There are a lot of raids going on every single day, which allows a lot of players to gear up their alts. Unfortunately, that’s where the positive thing about raiding ends.

Most of the raids are GDKP ones, while the ones which are SR-based have, basically, half of the worthy items hard-reserved by organizers. There is also one guild that doesn’t allow you to SR items even though they are open for soft reserve, just because your class doesn’t have priority over it.

The best example is the notorious trinket DFT. In their runs it is not available to SR this trinket by rogues, fury warriors, or feral druids in case there is a single tank that SR-ed it, because, in their opinion, DFT is always tanking priority and you’ll be asked to change your SR to something else.

Also, most of the PuG runs are led by incompetent raid leaders who aren’t able to hold their nerves after a single tiny mistake by any player. So if you are a new player, you won’t have a nice time in many of these runs.

It suffices to say there aren’t many groups for dungeon leveling, because everything is monopolized by boosters, starting from Deadmines, over Stockades and Scarlet Monastery, up to Maraudon and Zul’Gurub.


In one world - Oligarchy. The official PV Discord server is led by 5 players who don’t even play Classic that much, but rather make their final decision on a certain matter based on the words of their “favorites”. The “favorites” are human beings that are constantly hanging on Discord, adding fuel to the fire on all matters that don’t concern them, every single day, every single minute. There are no rules for them, but they’ll make sure that players that are involved in certain, let’s say, trial, get the worst possible treatment during that process. Alongside the “untouchable” five, they are the judge, jury, and executioner. I’ve only read the world buff channel for 99% of my time on that Discord, but the toxicity is present in there nevertheless. This kind of behavior is allowed on Discord, even though it’s prohibited under server rules.

Welcome to Pyrewood Village! Hope you’ll have a nice time in TBC!


Well, at least you aren’t bitter.


Every single problem you listed except for inflated gold supply due to bots (and every server has that) is a case of “don’t like it, make your own”.
I’d ask for your stuff, but I play on another hive of scum and villainy called Zandalar Tribe. We have all you mentioned plus wBuff dispellers and lowbie corpse campers.


Trust me my friend, every server is filled with toxic guild, members, d1kheads etc. Its not only your server.

  • GDKP
  • Bots
  • Gold buyers
  • Classic logs
  • HR -SR every dam item
  • Gbid items from dungeons
  • Did i say gold buyers?
    **Does blizzard do anything about this? No **

I’m sure it is, mate. I’m not going to deny anything of what you wrote. Allegedly, PV is classified as the BEST PVE server in Classic, and if this is what makes it the best, then IDK what makes the other servers worse. :slight_smile:

It’s sadly a thing in most servers, both EU and US.

I played on a few over on the US servers when it launched until a few months back when i came back to EU, they had all the same issues, the three servers I’m on on EU are the same too, it’s just what Classic has turned into unfortunately


I’d say that’s pretty much the situation on almost every server.

At least on Skullflame the GDKP/HR situation is none existant (except 1 Idol HR sometimes), that’s why I’m quite happy to play there, server might not have the biggest population, but it won’t get closer to a Vanilla feeling.

You just described every single high pop server across any continent, lol. Also it should be common knowledge to stay away from any server’s official discord.

I’ve enjoyed my time on Pyrewood but I tend to ignore/avoid people I don’t like and whatever shenanigans they are up to.
But don’t let my compromises and low expectations hinder you. You keep searching for that perfect server filled with ponies and roses.

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pve and cant gank? no thanks

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OT but how many active raiding guilds are there on Skullflame atm? Im looking for a less crowded PvP server for my 2 alliance chars if TBC is announced. Currently on Mograine with them.

I think you’ve just fallen into the ruts in the community (or perhaps I have found the eye of the storm here) but the people that I’ve met on this server are by far the most interesting and friendly bunch that I’ve met in fifteen years of on-and-off gaming in Azeroth; I’ve finally found my guild.

As for the other shortfalls in the community, perhaps they are there, but I am yet to see it negatively affect the realm as a whole any worse than any other classic server available. Think yourself lucky we aren’t under the tyrannical rule of the private servers. Yuck.

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Just to correct you OP, there isn’t an official discord server, it’s unofficial as Blizzard haven’t endorsed it.


Dottie being useful as usual. What would we do without your insights!


Show me anything I said here is incorrect.

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Show me where I said you were incorrect. :man_shrugging:


So is correcting the OP being useful then.

You just have a bee in your beautiful bonnet over me.

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The issues you pointed out are present more or less on every server.
My best guess is that some players are bored of this game losing any remaining patience required to make it friendly. Not being able to do older content with your guild is definitely another contributing factor here.

I had a mind blowing experience myself the other day. Lost an item with the highest roll because I was late 15 seconds on the roll… Obviously the ML told me to talk to the guy who won it to give it to me because it was my problem…indeed it was.

You couldn’t be more right about Pug raids. Those who organize them and some who join expect everyone to know exactly what to do. So as a fairly new player or a casual one it’s super toxic and there are quite a few of them.
I personally enjoy rading with new players, feels like in P1&2 :).

I perfectly understand your frustrations over all this. Although there are plenty of people out there from whom to chose to play the game with.

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I also played on US at the start till P3.
Maybe I was on a very good server as the experience for me was very positive.

Yea and on ZT we have also bracket mafia that replaces PVP grind competition with scripted assignment of ranks to choosen people. And if someone don’t want to bend to rules. They cooperate with opposite faction, hunt him and publicly shame on discord by posting kills. This is community we live now in…