Soar Feedback and a bug that should be a feature

First off, I want to say thank you for giving us the Soar we should have always had (at least how it should have been on the Dragon Isles until this point). It feels great to finally let my Dracthyr take flight as her own thing, and not requiring a mount to get from place to place.

That said, I feel as if there’s a slight missed opportunity, in regards to how Soar functions, that’s best characterized by a bug on the PTR right now; Entering an instance (say a Follower Dungeon) while Soaring, turns it into a full mount. It does not cancel while on the ground, the Dracthyr gains full Ground Mount speed, and can take off and land as much as they wish.

Here’s a demonstration of the bug in action.
Sadly, I cannot embed videos as of yet, or at least, not from Twitter.

That said, this version of Soar feels much, MUCH better than the version that automatically launches you, then cancels on landing. Take this video for example of my Dracthyr jumping from a ledge, then just lazily gliding to a lower spot while in Valdrakken. It looks and feels far more natural, than the immediate jump into the air.

As for my feedback. I would ask that Soar be changed, so it doesn’t automatically launch you into the air. The cast time can still be in place, with the usual mount rules, but keep the movement speed at regular, non-mounted movement speed, as per certain Aquatic mounts.

This would permit Dracthyr players to perform leaps, such as the ones seen in the two videos. They get to leap from a ledge and dive, same as a Dragonriding/Dynamic Flight mount. There’s no advantages to it, and would in fact, provide a mild disadvantage while on the ground, due to the lower speed than a regular mount.

TL;DR, there’s a bug with Soar on the PTR that looks and feels really good. Please make it a feature!


Something I really like about Dragonflying in general is the fact that you can launch yourself after a jump, which makes it feel more “meaty” and impactful than just holding the space bar and ascending directly upwards. It also means you can jump on the ground with a flying mount, which is good. However, I also really like the “launch” animation for Dracthyr for the same reason, so I would like to see your feedback implemented while also having a way to retain the launch somehow. Maybe a glyph, or something you can toggle at an NPC or what have you.


Having Soar work like regulare flight mount would be cool.
They could just use the Hover animation for “ground running”.