SOD is back, population rising again

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Not everything is dark, it seem the game start to growth again.


Mostly bots.


You can’t read the population charts from the number of times people did gnomeregan


SOD is back?

Where did it go, exactly? I’ve been playing the whole time, had no idea.


People are leaving the game, there were 134 people in my guild, today there are 30 left xD 104 people have been inactive for weeks.

This increase is only an increase in the number of bots in the game, there are thousands of them, you can see which customers the companies care about.


Bots don’t raid guys, and Ironforge only count active raiders on Warcraftlogs.

But yeah, there’s massive bot amount (/who OpenAI or /who TRUMP in Living Flame should told you everything about this).


Was it dead? Dunno been always playing and it’s still not easy to quest with that many players.
IF world buff always popping too. love it

It was not dead, but it was in decline from a variety of reason.

It will probably increase again with the 100% EXP buff since some people didn’t want to lvl up from 25-40 because it’s painful (zones are bad in this lvl range and the only viable strat was spam SM)

I can only speak from my own experience that i cancel my sub today, i had a nice time with phase 1 but now in phase 2 as a pvp player im really bored i got absolute nothing to do. If things getting better i will coming back.

was it? You say, rightfully so. that WCL only counts raidlogs. Of course it went down on this 3rd party website with ppl leveling.

I have to say a bit less people wouldn’t hurt. But it‘s always so packed😅

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which is exactly how a game has to be played. enjoy it while you have fun and when you found an end, make a break.
Respects your time a bit more

I will tell you one more thing from myself - if you report a bot on a private server, the bot disappears from the game on the same day, after a few hours, and is banned by competent people.

Here you instead report the bot, and it runs for 6 months and does the same thing every day, and nothing happens!

My subscription ends at 6 and that’s how long they’ve seen me here.

I’m not a sucker for paying someone who doesn’t respect me and my time


I seen a video of that OpenAI guild and it’s crazy. Like 50+ mages ranging from 30-40 all in Stockades constantly running back and forth from vendors to entrance.

It’s actually insane that the bots care so little now they just run automated 24/7 in the middle of SW and are even guilded up now all together.

Like how little respect do they need to have for Blizzard for them to actually take any significant action. It’s honestly laughable how embarrassing this is for a billion dollar gaming company.

I think the title is wrong, it’s simply because people were XPing. Now more are going to the raid.

From my POV the game is dying more than ever. Next weeks gonna tell us with actual numbers :slight_smile:


people still haven’t reached lvl 40 because they have to fight with bots, for mobs from which items fly to q xD In a few days it will be a month when the new phase started xD

People are getting more alts to level 40 and into the raids simply put.

I was raiding with 1 character first 2 weeks, this reset I raided with 3. Next I will probably do 4.


It never went down. The charts are based on warcraftlogs, who would have guessed that there won’t be as many logs at the beginning of the new phase as at the end of previous one… (cos people are leveling duh?)

Most of the “doomsayers” are just GDKPers anyway, looking for any reason to post


Bots dont show up in ironforge/warcraftlogs

The reason for this is very simple. Privat servers dont benefit from bots or gold sellers etc. Thats why they ban them, not because they “care” about players