SOD is back, population rising again

Yea they dont, because the admins on said servers often sell gold to the sellers and make deals with them. The bans are usually superficial. Many such cases

yea from that data it was dying as i was going bfd on 5 chars now it coming up again as i leveled my 2nd char and cleared the raid

When you see how few people can actually read data correctly, it is even worse in similar threads about population, where maybe 5% of players actually use their brains. Now you will compare it with endless complaining threads where the same clueless people whine about anything. You will just tell yourself, “I hope Blizzard doesn’t read forums at all, or at least he realizes how most people writing are absolutely clueless in everything.”.

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I was playing Sod from start, but now i am leaving. Recently leved my rogue to 40 and 3 days i was searching for a spot in a gnomer raid, without success, no one even wants to talk to you if you dont have 6/6 exp, and if you are not a caster / range dd, also checking logs etc, horrible community, not like in the old times. Chinese robot farm.

"Roll a proper dps class grey parser! Why do you expect 9 players to carry you?! "

(Not meant seriously but typical SoD player answer. Toxic community indeed. There are more laid back guilds out there, but yes, not the majority)

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Just in a last few days I have seen several “no xp” gnomer pugs forming. Literally 0/6 people banding together to get that experience. Which is how it should be, unless you actually want 9 experienced players to carry you? Maybe they should explain strats to you before every boss too?
In fact, why don’t you watch a guide or two and start such a run? Literally type “LFM Gnomer no xp run, have watched a guide, rogues and warriors welcome” and have loads of fun all night long! :wink:

i am 100% sure a good amount of the population increase is slowpokes reaching 40, and good players making their entrance in gnomer with their 2nd(maybe even 3rd?) alt

IDK about gnomer; I wasn’t there yet. But I think the reason there are so many try-hard runs compared to chill runs is because people who want to be in chill runs don’t want to form and lead a group as often as try-hards.
When I was looking for BFD at phase 1, I was tired of the same people spamming with “we need only this and HR this and checking logs, etc.” over and over, and they couldn’t form that perfect group for half an hour. So I tried it by myself with “lfm BFD no res just group loot,” and I formed the whole group in one message; I would maybe form two (we cleared it easily).
But if you look at the LFG channel, it seems like only try-hards form groups because they have to write there so many times to get that perfect group.