Solo queue is needed

Hi, this have been said before but it needs to be said again: This game need a solo queue for rated pvp, both arena and RBGs.

Having recently come back to wow for shadowlands I find myself back to old patterns when it comes to pvp activity. I am spending a lot of time logged into the game but little time actually playing it.

One have a limited ammount of time to spend on games with real life demanding its share and often one would rather play something else where one can just log on and have fun right away. I really love WOW but I feel the lack of solo queue and how time consuming it is to find groups really make the gaming experience far less enjoyable than it should be. (finding pve groups are usually easy and fast, but finding decent pvp groups/teams is another story completly).

Finding groups and decent people to play some games with take an unreasonable ammount of time compared to how much time one actually get to play the game. Also when one play a class that the communiy think of as unviable or underperforming that also add to the problems one might come across.

People also say that solo queue wont work because the game is about finding people, building comps and progressing with the contacts you make. I hardly find that an argument considering all the problems one encounter with overgeared people, highly skilled people boostin others at low ratings and amateures who themselves have been boosted only to use their “acheivements” to sneak into other peoples groups and screw them over with their bad playing. There are a long list of problems with todays system and I cant be bothered to list them all up. Making a solo queue as an extra ladder for people who just wanna have fun playing but still have some “challenge” and opertunity to progress without having to spend 10 times more time finding new friends/teammates that actually playing would be very welcome.

All this combined overall lead to fewer people actually playing and enjoying pvp. I also feel solo queue would be a interesting meta where one might see more diversity when it comes to class/spec representation. One could just keep the old rating system while introducing solo queue. Then one could just choose if one preffer to play solo or with a premade team. Cant see how this could hurt anyone.


It would be nice split rated and no rated by ilvl of gear.

up to 154 – not rated
up to 184 – rated…

Or something like that. Cause now it’s so bad… I can’t find of comps, cause cycle all the time. I try find a group of people and lose… lose… after finding accidentally some good comps win. Get 1400, after lose to 1200. Again: lf people, find get 1500, after lose to 1300…

Why is so fkin hard? Cause nobody want to play with me. Cause of win/rate, cause not OP boomkin. So this is very hard to play if you are actually not a heal, and if you are actually not OP spec.

Looking for people is nightmare and I spend a lot of hours on that.


Yes its very tiresome as you say. Especially since they brough back rating requirements for pvp gear, wich kinda makes rated pvp mandatory for people who like to do pvp and want have some sort of chance to have an enjoyable time while playing. In previous expansions one could get great gear by doing cap, but thats not the care any more. Giving people solo queue would help out with the downtime finding groups atleast. But I think the decision to have rating requirements on pvp gear is kinda questionable for obvious reasons.


if they add this with its own mmr/cr etc
lets make sure every team you que with is guaranteed win
no pve/honor leechers or freeloaders throwing games
going for rest of sinful elite at 1,8 with rated bg pug=lose with groups
who dont care its rated not epic bgs aslong as GV gives them free loot

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I think pvp loot shouldent be locked behind rating requirements, as it just makes the playing field more uneven. But regardless of loot the solo queue would be most welcome as one wouldent have to spend more time in LFG than actually playing the game.


Totally agree!!

I had an argument with a friend IRL just few days ago 'bout this.

Just finished in 1 day to upgrade the “casual” PVP gear and now i’m already blocked: should i find ppl to play with in the way blizzard want to make me (no actual system if not a “whisper chat”)? The reply is “no”, i’ll quit and play something else for sometime. Unlucky 'cause of the many friend i have IRL that play the game :frowning: (but they play the PVE part, anyway sometimes we play together).

This is the consequence of the system blizzard is forcing to ppl in 2021 thx to their laziness.
Like most of the game from 2017 and before, the “manual finding” system should be accompanied with an automatical one.

Obviously an “automatic queue” mode alone wouldn’t work if not well implemented:

  • the MMR rating should REALLY work, like if someone 2300 mmr play with someone at 1000 mmr the highest one should lose like 200 point for a lost and things like that
  • the ilvl of gear should be taking in consideration, and ONLY of the highest char in the matchmaking
  • you could also evaluate time played in PVP situations, the data is there (proportionally to the nearest years… 10 years ago should count less)
    And so on…

Instead of this, the just replicate the system used in PVE mythic that work quite well for that because the content is static and the “statistic” above can be done by the ppl starting the group, while this is not possible in PVP where the difficult is uknown from the start.
Thx to that, you have to commit yourself and part of your time daily to wow or you won’t find anyone after a certain rating (as soon as reached 1400 mostly)

Anyway this discussion will be washed away as always, since wow is an old game and:

  • many ppl still playing by a long time uses the game like a “bar”, an “encounter chat” with something to do in the between chatting
  • someone will just abide to the “no rules, you have to work your way whispering ppl” blizzard laziness imposes, and after spending a lot of time they will protest vs ppl asking for an automatic system insted of vs blizzard
  • someone will enter the game with many friends already (like i did many years ago), and they will quit together at some point.

Very unfortunate that a game that even if old still has some appeal is gated behind the laziness of a company for many players.


yes, agree. For pve the LFG system function somewhat as the content is scripted and everyone know what to expect. A +X dungeon is always as the same and any affixes is know before one start the group.

If you play in 1400 mmr for example, you arent guaranteed to meet people whos skill level and gear actually match the mmr. A lot of the time you meet people who have gear thats way better than 1400 mmr should equate to and also lots of very skilled people who do boosts/carries etc.

And the obvious time sink LFG is. Tons of reasons to get a solo queue.

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Spend today 3 hrs to find a grp. Played 3 games, wanna play more, but tbh i’m so tired to sit in LFG and i’m thanked guys and quit, cuz this time waiting was out of my mind will tbh. Yolo q is needed.


I have another problem. It’s player play actually as Random. I form group myself, and I lose to much. I’ve checked ppl on check-pvp, they have some achievements, but they actually can’t play. Other ppl wont invite me cause of bad win rates. And I don’t have to much time to spent on LFG or find a some community which is also very often sick of elitism.

So if you aren’t a player of some big guild or don’t have a friends who played long and well, you have NO CHANCES to succeed in PvP. In Any case.

Solo queue could helps, but not crucial. Is a bad stuff what we have in PvP.


Yes, like you say; even when you make an effort in LFG and actually check the people you invite regarding to achievements etc. It still often fail horribly as achievements and actual mmr/skilllevel rarely match.

I feel like this is true, if you don’t have a big guild or friends who are willing to play with you and grow together through thick and thin you have a very low chance of actualy getting anywhere.


Conections is often more importan than skill tbh. If you are a bad player but got 2 skilled friends, they can boost you in 3s. If you are skilled yourself but got no friends, things will probably be harder as you have to make conections and find partners. Wich can be hard.

Skilled people will always make it if they put in the effort ofc. But the times it take can be mulitplied sevenfold by how slow the LFG system is.

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Yes, solo queue for bgs is absolutely needed.

No, we won’t get it because Blizzard are inept monkeys.

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Is rating and reward important to you or you care about fun & “balance” ?

Solo queue could be the random one (not rated) but with sorta ilvl brackets instead of lvl 60 bracket

Also ppl will complain with solo queue, QQQ cant play with my premade russian friends

Unsubed and i will wait till 9.1 for the solo rated queue.After that ill just uninstall the game

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As I find out I’m not bad at arenas, even RBG. But again, the problem: try find people and if they are bad you scruwed up you win-rate, and after that nobody want play with you, and you don’t have any opportunity to proof that you are good.

I really try hard. And I’m stucked at 1400 with RBG, my rating flew from 1.2 to 1.5 but no more. But I thought that’s me a bad player. Nope, many people have this problem. RBG is actually much easy than arena to gain rating. Only what you need is 4 wins in a row, and you’ll get boost rating. But for winning 4 games in a row… I even don’t know how…

So according to LFG problems and human errors, solo queue is not only one possible solution. I’ve wrote here my thoughts LFG improvements

But anyway, solo queue solve a lot of problems. Cause atm is so hard to climb.

It’s also true. We need some kind of better matchmaking by several properties. Not only 60lvl, but also ilvl, also exp, also many things.

I feel the same. If they will not improve PvP I’ll just delete game. Just tired pay for bad game, which is could be much much better.

I’ve spent 2 hours on LFG simulator so far.
No one wants someone under 25% versa (I’m 22%) not really relevant on a hunter because you shouldn’t be getting hit by melee in the first place.
No one under 2.5k CR (That’s me out because I can’t find a group to grind with)
And no one wants a hunter if they can pick another OP class like boomkin, ret or mage.

I’ve even got 2k + exp but that means for nothing now.

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You are promoting that solo queue a lot brother,which says everything one needs to know about you.

Only kind of people who would like to see solo queue are same people who leech in random bg’s and who benefit of other people’s effort.

Few other games have that solo queue you are elevating so much,visit their forums to see how good solo queue is.

Every single complain is about how people leech,afk and leave game intentionally.

Solo queue never worked nor is going to work,ever.

Solo queue is going to bring crap ton of other issues and complaints.Feel free to visit pvp forums of games that have solo queue for 10 years now.

Again solo queue is for bad players who expect to be carried and benefit of other people’s effort.

Cant say I agree, that solo queue is about getting to play the game without spending more time making groups and looking for people. And in solo queue you cant leech off other people really, as if one dont contribute one wont have more sucess in solo queue than regular premade arena/rbg groups.

The chain is never stronger than it’s weakest link, that applies to wow aswell

The game certainly have made a dynamic which yields frustration;

You need competitive gear to win matches but you need to win matches to buy competitive gear

There needs to be something done. Two solutions exist;

  1. Improve chances of playing while not being competitively geared.
  2. Improve chances of improving gear to become competitively geared.

Basically it accounts to either lowering the requirements to upgrade on ilvl 200 pvp gear or introducing gearing brackets in pvp.

I applaud the people who explain how to problem solve the current system, but we are not pointing out that we don’t know how to defeat it, we are pointing out the obvious and unnecessary flaws to an otherwise much improved system. The fact that you can problem solve it and win is not evidence of a great system.

I bet that if quick match wasn’t sometimes a difference of +40 average ilvl between the groups, we would probably see less AFKers leeching honor; people might otherwise think they are useless but need to grind to gear up.

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