Solo shuffle BUG

I just won 6 rounds of solo shuffle and in the end it showed 2 rounds and received 400 honor as enemy healer won 0 and receive reward as he won 4.

everygame is the same no matter how many times I queue either I get win for 1 or 2 rounds even though I won 5-6

always 2nd round playing with same team and same bug occurs all the time.


Report the bug ingame, why are u writing it here? :thinking:

I did, just letting others aware of it as it looks like it appeared only after midnight today

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I won every game. Literally. This was the scoreboard.

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U can afk/lose every game and u still gonna end up with at least 3 wins, really abusive bug

I won all games but i had x1 win :slight_smile:

Bug started today for sure, another game all wins i had 2 wins.

There isn’t bug also with enemy frames? Players do not switch in frames after each round.

You queue as blood dk. None of your wins should count. :rofl:

Sometimes i que as frost also :slight_smile:

same bug just happend to me won 6 rounds and the screen sayed i only won 2 rounds and i got no conquest

Yes seen on stream today after the match ended the same guys were on same team.

Gonna be fun if it happens during the tournament haha

Haven’t gotten any conquest while doing solo queue shuffle not sure if thats a bug.

U need to win at least 3 rounds to get qonquest. Bug seems to be fixed now.

Its mr 2k honorlvls! Your on the forums aswell :laughing:

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