Solo Shuffle is a joke,for real

I wasn’t this mad and frustrated for a really long time at this point,this is by far the most frustrating arena(SS) experience i’ve ever had.

Im literally losing against people who are absolutely clueless and just win on damage.After i become irritated i go and check their experience,and i swear to god most people i face and lose around 2.4k bracket are 1.5 - 1.8k max and few glads here and there on their alts which is more fine.

This is not “im better than them” thread but i just cannot belive that im duelist experienced and struggling against such people.I cannot wait to see and experience 10.1 CC reduction as a survival hunter,im assuming that’ll be the first time i quit arenas.If you dont belive me,just que up and check their profiles.

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but this means nothing these days you just can get it from rbg and broken 2s comps

maybe some of them where never motivated to play arena and if you want to win then you need to adapt


I know the feeling. Can be very frustrating indeed to lose vs people who just play meta.

In such moments I stop queuing for the day and do something else.

There will always be another game

Bros playing hunter and crying about losing to braindead specs, theres irony in there somewhere


Jupp same here … was 2600, then patch hit, now 2k … ret/war/bm every game for 25 games in a row… not even joking. and either fistweave or shaman healer…

cancled sub first time ever bcs of the state of the game. well atleast i got the legend title… cheers everyone.


When priest healing, ape is allowed to sit on chair and win, all he need to do is to repeat his pve rotation and something will die, because priest have skill set to mitigate for those guys who wont even use a single defensive

CC not gonna be reduced much, they remove reduction from trinkets as well… so it will be around same, they are also reducing crit damage a bit, which is nice overall, nothing more lame to die when dices decides your death with 10 crits in a row on you. I got high hopes for next patch.

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