SOLO Shuffle queue went BAD

After the 10.07 update the solo queue went from 7-15 to 15-50 mins… Even at peak hours i wait for 30+ minutes… Im not sure if removing CC will improve this but its hell at its current state and im generous.


People stopped queuing en masse, waiting for ret nerfs still.


healer qs are up to 10 mins + at 3k no ones playing this garbage with ret being as broken as they are and no healer wants to play vs fistweaver on top of that cuz ret+fw = bis


tbf ret got a bit balanced atleast on up to 2k you dont see them that often anymore.

Ret shuts down most melees, especially badly rogues.

Ret dispels the combat system of half the casters and poison/disease oriented specs like DK/rogue f.e. by just doing its DPS rotation and spamming judgments. Also accidentally dispels poly/trap/fear making magic Cc unusable

So if you queue, you’ll get 2 rets on average and fistweaver/resto sham cleaves


At your 1800-2200 range, yea, probably. This is where bad fotm rerollers and simply bad players get hardstuck.

Do not bother, every person who respect their time and efforts not queing, only ret baboons there. Or ppl who dont care and want to play something just to play. Need to wait for new changes.

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Maybe they shouldn’t have trolled by intentionally making Ret the best spec in the game. I heard it’s still OP, too.

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