Solo Shuffle the absolutly joke

What is the fun of this bracket?

I did a 0-6 = instant -73. The next one 3-3 = 0 points (is okay). Then I do 5-1 the next bracket and I get 0 points XD.

What is joke and fun on this bracket? I was happier when this bracket doesn’t exist on the game. C’mon man.


Ok let’s see you lost 10 rounds and won 8 in your past 18 rounds.
And you want rating ?


No? At least he should get back some rating is thst hard to understand? In what world is that healthy to the game to yeet healers like that for one bad lobby and then not give anything back in case he overperforms?
Wow currently is the worst “time investment” you can put in a game even worse as pvp healer and people are realizing slowly its just not worth it.

Yeah but that isn’t exclusive for solo shuffle though?
I went on a 10 lose streak in 3s and the wins after that gave no rating because of my low mmr. So i had to grind back mmr and prove that i can still play at that rating.

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did you lose 72 rating? its not about having a negative balance its that 8-10 yeeted the healer 72 rating back… how is that a good system?
Not to mention 10 lose streaks in 3s is way way rarer than having a bad lobby or two becuase of the 6 rounds format.
Also in the end the current system is trash especially for healers especially in SS this is why we have a quasi deserted game

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from s2 to s4 I got 2.4 with negative win rate on multiple dps specs
Now, in season 4, I see 2.4-2.5k cr healers with negative winrate

It’s awful system if I can get 2.4 with winrate below 51%, which is the last achieve for rating in shuffle

The alternative there is even longer wait times as a dps in an attempt to strictly find players with low MMR difference.

The longest times were in s1 with 5-8 hours queue (and it even didn’t pop up)
The alternative for cringe 6 rounds system is 1 game 1 round without shuffling each other. Or new fun game mode

Isn’t this mostly because we keep our MMR between seasons + the inflation that happens? So you grind the 2.2k first time on a character one season, you start 2.2k next season. Inflation kicks in half way to get your MMR to 2.3k and you’re basically at the same spot. Now gotta climb from there with a positive win rate.

Not sure if that’s a problem tho. Alternative is to reset MMR every season and have glads have 90% win rate till they reach the top and anyone new/inexperienced get completely stomped until they’re 1k rated or something.

How much of that is because of old mmr? Try it on a new account as healer and report back

Shuffles design is horrible and the rated system and even the matchmaking system is utter failure, makes it very boring gameplay from healer pov when you can be on 2kcr 2.1kmmr as healer and system matches 3 dps with no exp on account and 20-30% wins for their 300-500cr in their honor gears with no set into your 2kmmr for some reason for both heals to deal with. Its just boring, I play for fun so I play less if I dont find it entertaining. I imagine its same reason for many other heals aswell.

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Haven’t played hunter (all 3 specs), boomy, mage (new account) and on all of them there were 2.4 with negative winrate

None of them, i grind from 1500 mmr

I don’t think gaining rating in shuffle ez
Somewhere I saw statistic that 2.4 after s2 DF is less by % than in 3v3/2v2 in previous seasons before shuffle. So that means it is ez for me, not for majority of players

Could you share some of that data, reflex stats or something? I’m not trying to argue, just curious. When me and my friends play, there has been an occasion where they’ve started at around 2k MMR on something they’ve not played for 2+ seasons worst case scenario.

To start 2.4k MMR on a fresh character, have 45% winrate and get 2.4k CR sounds a bit exaggurated.

Devil is in the details sorry but I cant believe you reach 2.4k mmr on a fresh account with negative wr. I think now in SS starting mmr is around 1.8k but still with negative wr I dont see how is that possible

No, I meant something like 49% winrate (45-46 for example), not 45% (but for fun I could do it by pushing to 2800 or 2700 and going 0-6 until I’d get 2.4 :slight_smile: )

Unfortunately, I dont use reflex and I didn’t do screenshots because having negative winrate in shuffle wasn’t what i could be proud of. Specially that my main is dh and it was hard to push on another classes
But healers with negative win rate on 2.4-2.5 aren’t rare, next time i would make a screenshot. Some days ago I was in almost 2700 lobby and every dps were harassing healer with negative win rate with 2350cr, because guy played worse than 2.1 multi duelist in normal arena

On mage and boomy i started from 1500mmr because I had no clue how to play caster in df. On hunter it was 1800 and I still haven’t figured out how to dmg even on bm. I doesn’t mean I should start 2.4 on boomy because in season 1 i was 3300 mmr and 3k cr. My experience on dh isn’t equal on boomy and specially on mage lol. I started on 1500 mmr because I deserved it.

If you figured out how mmr system work for dps you can go 3-3 or 2-4 and still receive rating, but that still requires to win best dps player in lobby which has most mmr and cr

How to fix shuffle in these short 4 steps .
Step 1: Do not force healers in Shuffle . The games are either DPS vs DPS or DPS + Healer vs DPS + healer . (like in skirmish)
Step 2: Add damage dampening that disappears over time , until you take full damage , for DPS vs DPS games only .
Step 3: Do not stop the game if 1 person dies . Game ends when all people on 1 team die , when it is DPS vs DPS .
Step 4: Remove MMR . Instead only wins and losses matter . 3x3 > ±5 rating , 4x2 > ±10 rating , 5x1> ±20 rating , 6x0 > ±40 rating .

Nice and simple to understand .

End result ?
Solo Shuffle queues 1-2 minutes
Predictable rating progression .

Ah thanks for replying! I’m certainly hoping it’s still a bit exagurated, hehe. Only because it sounds quite bad if all of that is true. : P Good job for getting 2.4 on so many different specs though, quite impressive!

Personally I don’t mind the 49%-51% winrate and end up same or slightly higher rated than last season considering how rating works. Inflation helping out and keeping MMR etc. Definitely want this system to be redone (% based for each spec + rating decay) but as it stands with the knowledge we have, that’s okay with me.

But w/e I just scroll through check pvp and find negative win rate people
Please don’t flag my post that i shared names 149-150 2500cr 73-76 2500cr 57-61 holy pala!! 2498cr

And so on, you can just check-pvp and see the data. Yes, the first aug guy may be doesn’t count, but still
Also found some gem holy priest
The guy is 46% winrate and 2398 cr LOL
311 games means he aligned his mmr
This guy probably best example that 6 rounds is cringe system. Because you would never play again with the guy that lost 6 games. But in shuffle you play with this player

Probably they all started not from 1500mmr like me. But i ping pong my mmr because, for example, on mage/boomy/hunter I know how to play vs certain classes and go 6-0, gaining a lot of mmr, and than lose to smth like dk/war/ret going 0-6 and lose much more rating. Or may be I had negative winrate because I used to rage leave shuffle and saving mmr

Why ? You lose as much as you win and you get points ? So you can just play a super high volume of games, never ever win a single lobby in your entire life, and reach r1 ladder ?

This is idiotic. That’s why match making rating exists.

Most of these have dropped rating compared to the previous season which they’ve been higher though. I think that’s alright, no? Thank you for finding these btw! : )

The main outlier there is that ret (kinda same with the aug) who is negative but has climbed from a lower CR in last season, WHICH can also be explained. He could have had higher MMR (considering his highest is 3360) and not grinded to get the same CR last season. Does that make sense?

Definitely looks silly though having super high rating with a negative win rate, but it makes sense when you dig into it a bit I believe.

Thanks for having a civilized discussion btw, rare these days. : D