Solo Shuffle Tourny

Can’t remember how long it’s been since it was this much fun to watch professional pvp in wow, i had a blaaast, loving the new solo shuffle approach! Keep this up, Well done.


im so glad the bracket is kinda going the same direction i expected, xcept for the shaman.

i think they should have invited players from every spec, instead we have way too many lolrogues that are indeed not fun to watch at all like always.

missing rets, enhance, ww as the very least but alao no frost dks, frost mage, arcane mage, no arms, no destro


I’m really surprised by the results ngl. Raiku and Chas voted to be among the winners, but they’re both sitting at the bottom of their brackets. And Joe sweeping everyone caught me off guard.

Not surprising, caster are horrible for shuffle and every setup spec/comp is unplayable without voice.

Anything that just do dmg and doesn’t require any cross cc and or have immunity or tankiness win.

It’s still a bit different than the skirmish version cause there was r1 player but still the principle is the same with less mistakes.


Unfortunately every top Rshaman from EU is currently banned. :upside_down_face:

yeah, ive been sayijng for MONTHS wthat soloshuffle ijs gonna prove once and for all the HUGE diff of playing zugzug and caster, no caster can make it in soloshuffle.
iove been playing soloq rated on beta as mage for about 500 rounds, and very often u are the only caster and u are legit not allowed to play because double melee make up for their weaknesses alot, and u can’t do anything.
ofc i make tons of mistakes, and the more i played the less i pushed becausee i lost interest in tryharding and just wanted to experiment and seee what works and what doesn’t in there, but it is extrremely frustrating to see zugzugs dominating u and then “mage is the best caster in the game look at blizzcon”

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They had no voice? I expected the in game voice to be available in shuffle, at least for the real release. Or am I wrong? Because if there will be no voice, casters or any setup classes will get rekt.

Actually they had in tourney.

why would that surprise you? mage is awful in this kind of format and chas only plays classic

Because they’re tourny champs and I apparently wasn’t the only one surprised, since they were voted to win.
Didn’t Raiku get to RMP with Whaazz and they still lost

Yea, non mage players were surprised.
People have such a huge bias that mage is broken as hell, although it’s been the worst standalone class in the game since WoD. Sure, RMP is good, but it’s usually carried by the Rogue and Mage just supports him.
There’s a reason why every single mage influencer and a lot of mage PvPers have mentioned wanting Deep Freeze back.

You can be the best mage in the world, and you still won’t be able to deal with the bull**** broken specs of fury and outlaw


Chas is a classic andy now… so rip ^^,

the end results are just embarrassing although expected.
Was only very close that it hasn’t been 4 outlols in EU final.

Aside from that the bigger embarrassment was the DF solo shuffle at the end. Everyone just laughed when WW deleted everyone with 1 button. billion dollar company btw. imagine being this inept to finish basic tuning before even showing the crap show that is DF at the moment already. Fight lasted 22 seconds. 10sec of that was running to the middle. Great job lol
Don’t @me because its beta and tuning hasn’t been done - then you are just delusional if you think that crap show won’t go live like that


im on DF everyday, TRYING to test, because what test can be done ? soloq got disabled yesterday, and everyone quit, we have 3 serrvers, and ive never seen a bg qpop, ever, because, ofc, even wiht 8hours q, i was prob the only one qing, durotar is almost always empty, but when its not, its only prot warriors and windwalkers showing off, every solo shuffle before that, went 6/6 for the monks, lots of stuff still doesn’t work, lots of stuff isntantly dc players all the time, there is 0 pvp testing being done, dragon isles is not accessible on the pvp realm, so no wpvp events or stuff like that, raid ain’t out yet, ive done more than 100 dungeon heroics, and more than 400 soloq rounds before it was disabled, peaked around 1750 before letting my frustrating get to me and play bad because raging at some nonsense 1taps from mostly ww

so now we have a server, with no Dragon isles, no pvp, and no m+ or raid, people are only testing dmg on dummis, and destroying dungeon by being 40 item levels above the gear drop.

this is a testing, only in the name, just so we can say “we tested”

what shouldve happened, was 1 server for EU, 1 server for US, and let the whole thing just go, both pvp and pve, and soloq always up, then raid and m+ sheduled, and gg, classes feel like they need some work still, tuning even bigger work, and ye i did report everything i could that broke the game, or literally dc players, or infinite cooldowns always up, etc etc, will see. im just annoyed that this testing is being not done properly.

That may be true, but I still didn’t expect the best mage in the world to place 2nd last, especially when he got the opportunity to play his main comp with his 15 years long arena partner

Whaaz was mention that RMDruid is not great for fast dampening and Mage is great but only with the right healer, seems like Soloshuffle tournament need more specc devirsity and a better meele too caster balance

most mages knew the results, even posted them before on wow forum and chat before event happened, actually when it was announced i already said “can’t wait for raiku to place last becasue mage is bad af”, since everytime i argue that mage design is bad, people throw “raiku 1st on ladder” in my face.

It’s about get good with everyone not just one comp that some guys likes to play.