Solution to disable >5 premades doesn't work

The solution you implemented so that players cannot enter battleground with more than 5 ppl premade doesn’t work. Was right now in a BG that was proof of that. Let me know if you want the screenshot.

If you need to hire a competent team to solve simple issues like this one, or implement a better solution all-together, just contact me, the company I work for can easily provide you guys with a good solution and a team of competent ppl to implement it.

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I’m right now in another Warsong, and got the exact same premade on the other side. 9 man premade this time, guess one of them had to go to bed.
They are exactly the same group, the same characters.
Why would you guys turn off the same faction vs BGs? We were having fast queues and variety in terms of opponent teams.

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It’s called co-ordinated signup and it’s not against the rules.

of course it looks like a premade when there is like 2 alliance server left

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