(SOLVED They Unbanned my account) My Account Is Perma Banned For No Reason Please Help! (New Player)

My account (LegenDrake#2782) is banned for nothing…

Tuesday I tried to buy a 6 months wow sub but I could not because I was getting the internal server error and created a ticket for that and nobody replied it. Then wednesday I tried again and menaged to buy it at first try… and then that day they replied my ticket and said (looks like u get it now so you can close the ticket) so I did close it. And played some dungeons to level my chars.
But a day after when I login I saw my account is banned permanently for literally nothing… They sent me an e-mail and it does not contain anything to prove it too… It says I broke the EULA something like that… (I can not attach links here but I have them). Im deeply stressed and got sad that I tried to buy a sub and wanted to play the game so hard to just get banned I did nothing for… Please help me…

my ticket issue Id was Issue ID: #94066322
If theres any GMs here please help me. Inspect my account I did not rmt or anything all I had is my 12 low level characters I created when I was playing on free trial to pick me a good specialization…

Theres people facing this issue too as I look this and general blizzard forums please help us!

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The only way to appeal a ban is via the ticket system, you can’t discuss disciplinary action on the forums and CS can’t speed up your ticket.

I believe there is currently a wait of 7+ days.

Best of luck with your appeal :four_leaf_clover:


thank you, I already made my ticket 3 days ago. I saw 2 guys that are in the same boat like me one of them created a post here too and stated he got banned then got help by an GM for him after 30 days, and another one that saying “they are no human replies on my tickets till 5 days”

So Im starting to get worried

make sure you don’t close your ticket otherwise you go back to the start of the queue. It’s ok to add more to the ticket though.


Hell no theres no way I close my ticket myself do you mean I need to reply on same ticket? I opened another one too but now Im replying my first ticket as I saw someone said it would be better to do.
ty for comment btw

reply to the orginal ticket. Don’t make new ones.


Did you do a chargeback for any of the failed payments?

The forum isn’t the appropriate place to appeal an account suspension. For more information, please visit the pages Appealing a Silence, Suspension, or Ban and Forum Code of Conduct.