Some combinations of affixes and boss spells in dungeons are ridiculous

So there were some hotfixes going out regarding this but there is more to be fixed.

Not only are affixes in general annoying and not fun at all, there is also a good amount of rng regarding when they will occur which sometimes puts you in an impossible situation.

Halls of Valor, Hyrja.
Storm going out and as soon as the damage starts thundering and quaking appear inside the circle. The area of effect of the thundering blast and quaking are barely visible inside the circle. Additionally, it looks physically impossible to spread enough with the quaking so nobody gets hit and avoid the thundering blast while staying inside the storm circle. Maybe someone can do the math on it but I am fairly sure it is not.

There has to be a process that checks if all the affixes are somewhat compatible with the mechanics of dungeon bosses before a season starts. There is a difference between making something difficult and making the chance of accomplishing it rng dependent. The latter is just plain cruel.

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Alternating Fortified and Tyrannical, okay. Seasonal Affix fine.

Everything else can do one! It doesn’t add difficultly, it just takes away the fun and devalues the enjoyability of playing your class.

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