Some things that can brake your key

now this has nothing to do with leavers at all, just some annoying things that can happen.

Freelhold last boss, when the fires come and you are close to the edge, the fire patch can end up underground you can not se it, but it will tick dmg, quite annoying at times.

Neltharus last boss, the gold you need to dig up, has for some including my self, become uniteractable at times, not often but it can make or brake your key, plus this place has same problem as freehold last, boss stuff under the gold piles will hurt you, even if you can not se them.

not sure if this is a glitch or just a visual error, but the dragon in vortex pinnacle, was flapping inside the ground lol, could stil hit it, but wow trying to se where the breath was lol.

any other funny or wierd stuff people seen.

while not a bug, if you hit the 2nd boss in neltharus too hard, the chains dont spawn. so you get punished for doing too much dps :smiley:

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