Some ww suggestions for blizz

In my opinion.

Revert the touch of death change to how it worked in legion. Way more fun.

Serenity should become the baseline cd, storm earth and fire is a bit unreliable and doesn’t really add anything aside damage. Remove the damage multiplier from serenity and increase the duration, and make it baseline.

Oh and also, what was the big idea about adding xuen as baseline?? It contributes literally nothing to the rotation, and makes it more cd dependent for no reason at all.

It’s not a fun ability, it’s not needed… It’s literally a pet that you summon once every 2 min, and it does damage and that’s it.

Why is it that both ww monk cds are boring af?

I’m not gonna post everything because frankly i am tired of repeating things and i already made a general post that encompasses more.


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