Something must be done to Rogues

Best single target dps, best spread dps, best control cc something must go, and along with assa nerfs pls nerf sub aswell it’s disgusting just ppl. dont play it cuz assa is god mode atm.

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Honestly nothing of that would be that much of a problem if everything of it wouldn’t be pretty much instant and nearly unstoppable.

They have tool for every situation and every of their tool is instant. We as warlocks are also well equipped, we can deal with everything in theory, we can do insane dmg, we can cc, but it takes ages to do/setup. Before we finish casting one fear rogue will jump between two ppl, kick one, stun other and blind third. Everything they do happens instantly, too fast, they have way too much decisive power they don’t really have to plan for, they just react which is more broken than it seems.

This is heavily underlined in content where you can’t plan ahead width your team like SS. They can cover for so many screw ups of their team mates and their owns. I think that’s what really makes them S+ tier (not saying that toning down their damage isn’t a good start, lol).

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