Soooo.... about horde

abusing bgs running full 10 man premades could we get a fix on this, basically they are queueing as 2 5man groups and only entering if it pops for them both at the same time, the last 6 bgs in a row have been the same a mix of french, german and eu players all with over 400k hp it’s not fun and ruins the game, i can understand 5 mans but there should be bans handed out for abusing this and going in full 10 man groups.


Nowadays every nation make it. Not just 1.


Low gear players on pug
Unexperienced people on pug

Someone (eu player) on the bg spit me yesterday when I queued 5 people. My friends said no heal to that player. Because all 3 heal was in my group of 5.

I asked player why did you spit me… he told you russians play bgs as if rated bgs bunch of tryhard. Ruin eu players fun.

But fun part we won 1500-0 against russian horde that bg with eu team.

Not just 1 nation. All nations make it. Reasons are above.

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i don’t mind 5 mans at all its just the 10 mans are a bit much against a pug team.

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Yep, just yep.

Sadly they do not care about PvP, even less about casual random BGs…


Like I said I always queue 5 man from community. Yesterday I played 47 bgs won 42 on eu queue with 5 man premade.

Current gear system force people full premades so much from all nations.

When you start season you are around 415 with nazjatar pearls , 6 months to season , if you are not 5 man premade there are still 423 ilvl etc. people on bgs.

Thats what make people queue 5 man groups.

10 man premades all nations make it. not just eu , ger , fr , ru.

If they can fix gear problem like it was wotlk and make it skill based much more. People wont require premades to play bgs.

and if you get to speak to them they would write…

“its co-incidence…i just like playing with my friends…join a pvp guild…i win as often as i lose”

What on earth would the fun be in that and just thrashing people with less than i300 game in game out…yes 300, thats who im trying to heal against that kinda menace…80k health…HONESTLY

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thing is if was players abusing mechanics in raid/dungeons they would get a ban blizzard just treat pvpers like second rate players.


To be perfectly honest, I’ve been avoiding PvP because of that. It’s no longer fair, and being “farmed” by players who clearly outgear and/or outskill me is simply not fun.

Sadly, Blizzard devs just don’t have any clue how to temper the negatives OR to balance gearing.

I’ve been doing a bit of PvP on my newest lowbie alts, but it’s completely ridiculous - I also ran a few plusses (my core activity other than raiding), and my most advanced “PvP” toon is sitting over 430 in a matter of weeks, while his PvP rewards are STILL 415 which is simply useless.

In the time needed to get in a BG that’s won, I can tank a m+10, or even easier 9, and get a shot at a decent reward. BG will literally get me a big fat nothing for my time, and the weekly PvP chest is a laughingstock.

It’s an ouroboros paradox - the reason leads to consequence, which leads to reason: no fun and poor rewards push people to great lengths to try increase their win/gain chance, which leads to no fun and poor rewards for most.


Both sides queue snipe
It should be addressed
It won’t be

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I don’t have a solution, only a band-aid.
Getting to lvl 410-420 for RBGs is more than enough to make a difference, or just do mythics for good gear and get better mechanically, and that’s it, lol.

this isn’t a horde issue only. i mean, what can you really expect from double digit iq people screaming horde bias.

alliance 10 man premades are prevalent too. either way, it’s so unfun and tilting when you end up facing one. blizzard needs to fix this so bad since they put a bis essence for so many classes behind this boring, unfun, horrible grind.

I mean you gotta be a very special sad kind of subhuman when you actually need to pool 10 players to win a random bg. why not play RBG at that point?


If you have 5 man strong premade , they can handle enemy team on the bg.

We went most bgs 1500-100 , 1500-0 , 1500-250 scores tonight.

10 people premade , shrugs.

no not a horde only issue happens a hell of a lot more on the horde sife though i have horde and ally chars, i’ve come across one ally 10 man premade all of bfa, but coming across 5 horde 10 mans in a row in 1 night.

Its 2020 and people still cry so much about this minor issue meanwhile PvP has so many major issues some as gearing for example .

None is hacking or exploiting things , you can also do the same (join as premade).
I pref soloque most of times but whats the point if i want to join with friends or people from PvP community ?

If you dont want to do the same , at least stop crying about ‘‘premades’’ or at least deal with it.

I get tilted as well when i get raped by some super geared premades on any of my low ilvl alts but thats it , its how PvP it is.

Sometimes you rek , sometimes you get rekt.

PS . Both Horde & Alliance have premade groups , its not Horde thing only.

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its not 5 mans im complaining about it’s people that are not good enough to do Rated queueing as a full group of 10, with full 440+ gear, which is exploiting, and it’s not a minor issue when you queue these full 10 man premades back to back.

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just queued another 3 back to back games against 10 man horde premades i mean wtf this is getting really dumb.

LOL 47 battlegrounds in a day? Russians really do ruin random BG premading 47 BGs in a row

5 man isnt premade. And yes few days ago I woke up at 9 am. I pvped until 6 am following day.

Also I’m on pvp guild on aegwynn german. Our guild plays rated pvp 10 hours a day.

I play my russian character only with friends

Queue sniping (what they call what you are describing) is an ancient tradition that both factions uphold
It should be fixed
It won’t be

The smaller your playerpool is, the easier queuesniping becomes

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