Sorry guys disc is broken and should be nerfed hard

This is insane how is disc allowed to be this broken??? They need insane nerfs now to make them balanced… Barrier, Ps x2, Rapture, Swap?? Not to mention their big dmg or mass dispel which counters pala so bad…
All you had to do was fix their mana and it was fine but its crazy how you overbuffed them so hard??? WHAT ARE YOU DOING BLIZZARD WAKE UP!!!


so should assa it a abomination of a spec almost impossible to kite does insane damage and has awesome utility too shiv needs a 80% reduction in pvp. then theres ele lava burst barrage into your death at random… and lets not forget arms is also pretty dumb not quite as bad as the other 2


yea. finally gave up on holy. damage is high but that’s how it should be. ps was fine with a single stack, the cooldown should’ve been lowered to 2 mins or 2.5 mins with active cdr on penance or pws. not a fan of swap either. mana never felt that good. im still quite low rated as i don’t q a lot so ymmv.

oth ppl are complaning that the gameplay is too fast and that there’s no healers qing but they’re so fast to qq for a nerf to the spec they just lost to instead of bringing all healers up and with engaging gameplay so they’re more popular. logic at its finest

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Now only Mistweaver, rshamy and holy pala need a bit more love.^^

Yet we are so simple to cc and to be trained, we also bring 1cc that puts us in melee range… We also heal 50% less then a prevoker. But yeah, dps is abit high with the shadow cov penance.

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LMAO stop it dude. Dont post here… disc is broken and must be nerfed there is no other way around it. Underplaying ur class just to dodge nerf bullets is cringe.

Disc is fine. Its the other healers that are undertuned for this high burst, high damage meta.

And give 200k life to everyone. And -40% damage across the board to everyone. And remove the dampening. It was implemented in a time when healers had infinite mana. Not anymore. Its not required.

As a Rcham I could be doing equal ammounts of damage. But I cant. I have to spam heals to keep people alive. And if I use 1 global in damage, someone goes from 100-0 and I loose the game.

More healing, more life, less damage.

Disc is not fine, not even close to fine.
They do same dmg as dps and that’s not okay.
All top healers cdew/lontar etc rerolled to disc since its 10x more broken than prevoker, hell prevoker was never broken to begin with.

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heh u beat me to it :slight_smile:

just watched bit different streams on disc and yeah they doing more than the arcane mages and assa rogues in some 3v3 games they did its pretty wild

drainerx is propably only one who dont play disc right now but he always hated it for some reason

i dont want go and collect bunch of clips or screens here but anyone can go watch bit the most notable r1 healers latest twitch and theyre all playing disc more or less

and the enemy team healers are same they are disc, and if u look their details after the match u see the disc did more than 2 dps on team :slight_smile:

this is not fine for overtuned burst meta with heavy dampen changes and many healers actual healing being weak

this is very bad change for the healthiness of this meta and lack of healers in pvp, ppl now either roll disc or dps and the ones that dont roll disc are less healers for the ladder so i guess anyone can do math what that means for que times and the overal incentives

i mean enjoy ur time healing when 2 overtuned df enjoyers with their new sets are bursting on a guy and now do it also with the help of their healer who is doing same dmg as they are

doesnt take a genious to figure that means even shorter ttk than what it were before disc changes and everyone is so happy of the ttk in df right like the awc teams who say its dumb to play 1min rounds

blizzard just being completely clueless with these changes again

  1. What the pros do is irrelevant. Dont care. Nobody does.

  2. Disc is supposed to do that: Do as much damage as a dps, but heal less than a Holy priest and go oom really fast.

But, with the meta we have:

If the damage was obscene already with 2 dps in 3v3. Then 3 dps doing damage is even more obscene. That is what is perceived as unfair. But why? Because if other healers are having trouble healing the damage of 2 dps, then 3 dps becomes impossible to heal.

For example Rcham is also supposed to be the “do damage healer”. And on paper, I could be doing much more dps. But unlike the disc priest, I don’t drop a fat shield on people and heal for 25% of my damage consistently.

Instead I have to spam heals or people die. And now, its really frustrating because everyone and their mother are disc priest and I just cant heal through that much damage after 1 or 2 minutes of dampening. Also, all my CDs are affected by dampening. Disc has a bunch of spells which are not (%damage reduction and shields are not affected).

Even Rdruids, that normally could spare some GCDs to cyclone people cant do that. They also need to spam heals or people die. Disc damage is obviously not helping.

But that’s not because disc is OP. Its the Meta… And the meta is NOT fun for healers (except disc priest).

So what needs to be done is this:

A) Remove dampening. It was put in place in a time when arena matches lasted for ever because healers had infinite mana and never went OOM. Not the case anymore.

B) -50% damage across the board, OR, +400k life across the board. One or the other.

C) after that is done, then priority number 1 is to go healer by healer and rework their trees. DPS and Rets (that also need some love) can and should wait for their revamp until all healers are where they should be. For the good of PvP.

Cc dont matter, you think in this meta i can free clone the hole day
I need every global too heal

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yup been saying since day 1 of this expansion, disc needed healing buffs + some damage nerfs.

instead they decide alright, disc needs ANOTHER defensive cooldown on top of life swap and then gives astronomical damage buffs… god knows why, blizzard is absolutely clueless when it comes to disc EVERY expansion.

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Evoker won the tourney yesterday, best mana insane damage, eaven mehx is a main priest and could outperform anyone he decide too play evoker

They shoud’ve buffed the healing slightly and the mana problems. Damage is just ridiculous for a healing spec , also the 2nd PS i’m not sure about this.

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Problem is now, i don’t see dpriest having a weakness, they are good at everything, and that in general, is not good for the game … 2 charges of PS, lul who come up with these things

Aaaah yes I agree…thats why they are God’s in 3s and shuffle???

yes, they are the only healer played currently and for good reason

blizzard went and overdid a buff because they have no clue

they buff rsham casted heals by 8% which no one uses outside of 1min cd and buff disc to act as 3rd dps in any game now with also 2x ps and many other better cds than shaman has even better than druid has

so heal as rdruid now when lobbys consist disc and 1 ele example and everything is just purged but ur also trying to heal vs 3 dps

or heal as rsham and u spam every global into heals that are trash tier effective with a mechanic that dont work for pvp cos ur not allowed to cast heals in df

or u play disc priest and use good cds and do dmg as 3rd dps cause its overtuned overbuffed and healers should never outdmg dps nor dps should never outheal healers

but here we are at the blizz “tuning” df every 2 weeks, doing real good job at killing their own game :+1:

as if the mmr changes werent enough now u also went and killed every healer except disc and increased the already ridiculous ammount of burst in the game

Too powerful, too broken, never been seen before, nerf to the ground, I’m gonna unsub, fix your game, it’s busted. Disc omg.

Some people are beyond pathetic. lmao


there is literal evidence all around net for anyone to watch where disc is doing more dmg than dps or even if they would do equal they still act as 3rd dps on a already too burst heavy meta

it also comes with better cds than rdruid or rsham has and now it has overtuned dmg for meta and dampen changes which make no sense

there is reason why everyone switch play disc now and why u will only see disc everywhere u look

i dont see why would anyone disagree unless they have bias or dont themselves really care about playing the game, i see u switched ur sp to disc so ur planning on doing bit disc enjoying urself aswell

thats cool, enjoy the weekly fotm, but dont call people pathetic for pointing out blizzard changes being overtuned or op being op

only thing pathetic is the ammount of peoples bias or lack of common sense trying deny it being op when anyone with eyes can take a look around net or play the game self and see it

What? lmao. I’ve been a main healer on my priest for 15 years. Put away the crack pipe