Soulshape gives me cancer

Whenever I face Rogue/Mage in 2s and both are Soulshape I want to leave the Arena. While Doors of Shadow are perfectly fine because it’s casted and it’s once a minute Soulshape is not. Some specs that are not supposed to be mobile are suddenly hard to catch and some that already have mobility became a joke to deal with. Combine it with conduit that allows Rogues restealth with dots and you have free restealth every 1,5 min. While in 3s you can handle it in 2s it’s pure cancer.

While I don’t think it’s unbeatable it’s just frustrating to deal with. Person who designed Night Fae has too much imagination. Pod, Convoke, Soulshape, The Hunt. While Warlocks really need Night Fae to be even viable on other specs it’s just fruatrating because it breaks the concept of class design.

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Soulshape isn’t the problem, the problem is that rogue and mage are both immortal while also having absurd damage.

Rogue needs that conduit disabled that lets you get free restealths and mage needs the shields for 100% of their hp removed


1000000% true.

But drae no one plays rmx at the tourny ppl will say

Shield is already getting nerfed next week by half. Now Rogue’s conduit and they can buff Rogues dmg again.

No rog needs a nerf 7-10% on all his stuff for hes getting a 9 sec stunlock and perma restealth conduit so tune dmg down that rog is finally balanced for once

I’d prefer them to make Rogues not able to restealth with dots but have a bit more dmg.

Or we delete rog and mage that we can have a once in a lifetime good expansion?


The best part is I made similar post in Rogue subforums and they said that this conduit is 100% necessary because there are too many ways of keeping Rogue out of Stealth ans that I have to think about the way to do it lol

Interesting that these rank 1 Rogues like Whaazz, Akro, Racher, Avidance were multiple rank 1 players without it. Suddenly dot protection is mandatory.

They are right.

If rogues cannot restealth, they’re simply worse windwalkers.

And they do need to play with the 100% crit legendary to even have any offensive output.

It’s not all black and white.

There’s still dot protection in the form of Power Word: Shield, your argument doesn’t have any weight here, it’s simply easier now.

But you could always Purge shield. This is free restealth for them if they play NF. Also if you remember thanks to Soulshape Method was able to defend Pod. As I said I’m for damage buff but this stupid cral has to go.

Not if he shadowsteps into los, which they do.

Pretty much all Leather wearing classes are worse Windwalkers atm, somewhat disingenuous when they’re this overtuned.

Crit Legendary needs removing and then the class retuned around not having it, 100% crit from stealth is a balancing landmine that we’ve already had nerfs due to.

Power Word: Shield is about as potent as a 145 Cloaked in Shadows Absorb when you break the 30k HP mark outside of Rapture, and that’s without the fact that it’s dispellable/requires a Priest to be in LoS.

It’s a terribly designed conduit.

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If Crit legendary is gone they can revert Kyrian changes and Rogue damage is fine. Also if there is mechanic that Rogue had to play around for 16 years why is it suddenly gone so even in Rogue/Mage Rogue can easily restealth with no risk. Literally they have as many goes as they want until they mess everything up.

I mean that’s almost true because why would you play RMX when you can play WW/fire/hpal

Yes but you have to admit that removing another mechanic from the game makes playing Rogue trivial. Restealthing now doesn’t require any effort.

I agree, the conduit is dumb

Ofc ww is easier

As sub u need a lil bit called brain but just anlil

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Rogue is all about restealth. If you don’t get enough restealth in 2v and 3v you will deal less dmg.
The main problem of rogue is the 100% legendary, if this would be 50-75% it would be strong enough. My rogue with ilvl 202 has 18% crit. So with +75% instead of 100% he will have 93% should be enough.

I know it’s about restealth - it was for years but there weren’t such mechanic and Rogues were still extremely strong in the ladder. It wasn’t necessary.

It is the meta, the inane burst of all classes. Even demo can burst down a rogue. If the Tyrant is hitting.