SP Psyfiend nerf

  • Priest

    • Shadow

      • Psyfiend health reduced to 4% of the Priest’s maximum health (down from 10%).

      • Psyfiend is no longer immune to debuffs and channel effects.

      • The channel duration of Psyflay from Psyfiend is now 12 seconds to match the creature’s duration.

Wow, finally it doesn’t hardcounter affli by default anymore.

Now we need puddle nerf so spriest is not autowin into melee cleaves anymore.

Man those nerfs really hit you like a truck.

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Why? It’s annoying, sure, but it doesn’t make it an “autowin” against melee cleaves. If anything, just to reduce the annoyance levels, then giving it a DR is enough, but it’s not exactly something that guarantees a win every time.

1 spec countering melee cleaves sound perfect.

Yeah dks got hotfixed out of the game sadly and now it’s time for forums.

Ps: it’s pretty funny

Making it DR is a nerf i asked for a nerf not removal.

Giving it a DR isn’t really much of a nerf, those hit by several would still be out of the game for quite a while and those able to dodge 'em would still be dodging them anyway.

If giving it a DR would be enough of a nerf for you, then how exactly does that remove the part that you think makes it an “autowin” against meleecleaves?

Getting feared 3 times in a row for 4 seconds each is indeed a gameover.

It’s not 12 seconds, you don’t get hit by one as soon as the current one ends. If you’re even hit by the first puddle to begin with.

Happens way more than you think

You mean getting hit by 1, being CCed for 4 sec, then hit by another and CCed for another 4 sec, and that’s when you’re hit by another and you’re CCed for another 4 sec?

Not exactly at the end of 4 seconds duration but pretty close

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