Spells not available in spellbook

I have encountered a bug where I cannot see any spells in spell book after learning them, this apply only to class specific spells, as I can see spells in general tab. I tried deleting WTF folder, cache folder, reinstalling game, repairing game and the issue still persists. Did anyone encouter this, if so, how did you fix this issue?

i also have this issue, yesterday i saw all the spells up to lvl 85, and now my spellbook is empty, cant see the lvl 1 spells of warrior, and i get a LUA error everytime i cast a spell

Some base spells disappear from spellbook after changing spec in dual spec situation. May be related issue.

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I have the same problems

problem still exists for me for many days now.sadly it is unplayable since i have no abilities in my bar or spellbook. repairing the game didnt help,deleted cache wtf etc,didnt work.reinstalling didnt work either.i guess we gotta wait for it to be playable

Also have it , found a temp workaround to be macros , #showtooltip and /cast when you learn etc

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Still actual problem in Beta. After changing talents via dual spec , my Shield slam / Mortal strike disappeared.

One workaround I’ve heard for the dual spec ability wipe is to visit trainer and unlearn talents and re-talent.