Spicing up pve a bit?

I love pve and specially mythic+ dungeons. It’s been my main playtime since legion. While it is fun,

It becomes a bit dull since main goal is to:
-Get tanks to gather as much mobs as they can survive and aoe it all down.

My idea is to re-introduce off-tanks and off-healers. Here is how to do it. (Maybe for wow 11.0)

-Step 1
Set a ceiling for anyone to tank a number of mobs without a disadventage.
IE: If you tank more than 3 mobs, you get a stacking debuff (Flanked) %33 more damage taken. Or you get %33 chance to be stunned for 5 seconds. If tank pulls 6 mobs on him/her, s/he gets double damage from all sourcess or has %100 chance to be stunned with every hit. Or Both!

-Step 2
Give everyone (and their pets) taunt without cd/gcd.
Taunt / threath mechanic hasn’t been a mechanic for so long now, as we all probably can agree. Get rid of threath and make mobs hit last person who taunted them. Maybe lock’s void walker can tank 1 mob. Enhancement shamans can tank 2. Retri paladins/frost dks can tank 3? Or all the same amount? The armor stat can become important again?

-Step 3
Make mobs have some coordinated combos.
IE: A mob specificly and frequently targets healer with cc. Another deals big damage when healers gets cc’d. Maybe make them low ranged, so kiting could be involved for different kinds of risks and different kinds of toolset reactions by players. Make some interruptable, make some must-be-healed-through etc… They could use aoe damage as well or aoe heals when they are cluttered together to reintroduce some proximity mini game to handle the mobs around. Instead of gathering around and aoeing down.

Step 4
Make mobs hit a lot more and cc a lot more. Goal is to use more of all classes’ tool set to survive a single pack of mobs instead of pulling 4 packs and aoeing them during hardstuns.

-Addition 1
Mayyybe let players play around with “flanked” debuff too? To let, pet classes abuse it a little and a bit more depth to “nuke it down fast!” situations? Pets could flank by %15 while player flank is %30 ish? Or every pet deals different amounts of flanking etc? (so demonology locks cant solo all mythic raids lol)

--------------------- Why shouldnt they do it?-----------------------
Even i can think of a couple reasons why not to change things up like this. Dont fix it if it’s not broken right? Yea we can think of a thousands of reasons to keep it as it is. But i think it’s time blizzard started taking some risks already. Combat system is extreamly outdated. We are now reacting to our own procs instead of the things happening in dungeon (most of the time).

---------------------- How to introduce?---------------------------------
Maybe introduce this as a m10+ affix? To test the water? Maybe extend on it more and more to introduce it into pvp? What do you guys think?

Would it be cool or even more boring after a while? I know everything will be boring after doing the same dungeon 100th time. Maybe it’s supposed to be but still…

I can’t think of anything that sounds more unfun.

A 5 second stun on a tank with 6 or more mobs is a death sentence. I really don’t see whats fun about doing tiny pulls bearing in mind that most classes don’t have taunts to spread aggro.


Any of these ideas would easily make me quit m+. AoEing stuff down is fun. They tried AoE caps so that people’d pull less, and guess what, the playerbase hated it. They had affixes punish you for pulling too much, and those affixes were the least liked out of the bunch. I think you’d be alone in enjoying gameplay like this.


AoE stuns last like 3 seconds, and then you have diminishing returns on top of that. You couldn’t hard stun a pull for more than like 5 consecutive seconds.

If your pull feels like it’s just gathering the mobs and blowing them up, do it on a higher key.

I want raiding to be more like M+, not the other way around.

Well, its supposed to be a death sentence :stuck_out_tongue:

Step 2 is to give everyone and their pets to agro whatever they want w/o cooldown or global cooldown. Currently (as a healer) i basicly never heal tank in dungeons. If all 3 dps are perfect players, %50-60 of my dungeon experience as a healer is being another dps (which is not a whine point for me btw). Only way healers are -pushed- in dungeons, is occasional heavy aoe damage.

However offtanks would require healing and also their own defensive abilities. A rogue could take a mob or 2 with evasion for 15 seconds and an offtank would take it back if it doesn’t die. A lot of obsolete abilities (in pve) would see use again.

I understand why you guys didn’t like aoe cap. I didn’t like it too. Because it was an half measure to make combats to feel like an rpg game again.

This “flanked” debuff is not my idea ofc. I liked it ever since i’ve seen it on pillars of eternity (a good rpg game). Tho it wasn’t like what i suggested.

What i wanted to be achieved with this system is to make combats to feel a bit more like rpg games. Health of mobs could be reduced dramaticly to offset the time spent in dungeons AND to make the mobs more dangerous. A mob could have just the double of a player’s hp and 1 player’s burst ability could mean much more than now. CC abilities would need to be short like in pvp combat too so again, they would mean much more against really dangerous mobs. However without flanked debuff their is no way to make mobs a threat for tank’s healt without making them 1 shot a dps player.

While i also like the current “arcade-ish” version of the game (i do push above 20 even tho it doesn’t grant anymore reward). I thought maybe this return-to-rpg-roots event could reward current (and rather vastly increased) skill level of players since it hasn’t been tried for so long.

But 4 negative responses in a row are enough to sway me to other way. Maybe you guys are right, it may not be as fun as i thought it would be. Thanks for reading and replying.

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