<Spire> [H] Recruiting - 8/8 BWL, 10/10 MC - Healer priority

Spire is a raiding guild catered to a more mature player base with most of our members being 30+ years old, although this is not a ‘hard’ criteria for applicants.

We are currently clearing Molten Core, Blackwing Lair and Onyxia, our raid nights are as follows:

Tuesday - 20:30 server time start
Thursday - 20:30 server time start
Sunday - 20:00 server time start

Our current recruitment is open to Healing Classes, but also to exceptional players of any class will always be considered.

We keep our raiding team numbers tight so that we don’t have many people sitting or rotating out, so this current recruitment drive is mostly to future proof ourselves in case going from 1 raid day a week to 2-3 (with the release of BWL and beyond) becomes difficult with our current raid team.

Ours is a tight knit guild, we have had very few people leave and none for ‘bad’ reasons, and we have never had drama of any sort. Most of our members have described our guild as one of the most relaxed and mature they have experienced, and we are looking for people to fit into this existing community.

Our requirements are as follows:

-We would like people to be geared, this doesn’t mean full T1 BiS, however a mix of blue BiS and raid gear would be ideal
-That you are a ‘good’ player, to assess this we would ask to see raidlogs from your previous guilds raids (although this isn’t a ‘hard’ criteria either)
-We don’t ask for flasks yet however we do want people to show effort and commitment by using elixirs, pots and food buffs. Getting our clear times down and simply ‘getting better’ is one of the things we prize highly in the guild
-That you are a nice person, this one being the most important of all

We use a zerosum DKP system handled in game by the Monolith DKP addon, with a fully transparant class/spec priority list posted for each raid dungeon. We have an active discord server which we also use for raid signups via Raid-Helper.

If you are looking for a guild to stay with long term, and one with which to see all the content Classic has to offer then please post here or contact Cowslap (GM), Silverius (Officer) or Istaxit (Officer) in game.

Thank you,


Come and help us stomp all over BWL!

If you want to contribute to good progress in a good atmosphere with no drama we want to hear from you :slight_smile:

To update this: we are now recruiting all dps classes except Warlocks. Melee dps classes will be given special consideration.

Recruitment is now closed to Resto Shaman.

Update: We are now recruiting 1X Priest (healing) 1X Resto Shaman - in addition to dps classes.

We are now opening recruitment to Healing Classes, as well as exceptional players of any class in general.